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Users Cannot Access Accounts

16 October 2013 - 07:27 PM

We added a new user to the system, and they were able to see records without owning anything so to investigate we created a test user and gave them the same role as this new user so we could see what they saw.


It turned out someone created them with the "who can view" set to everyone, and we changed this for the first one and it seemed to work (this is with that test account we created) and then after that the accounts tab/module stopped working.


I've tried restarting memcached to no avail. The problem exists for new users in the same role now as well (I created another test user and gave them the same role as the other one and it also cannot access the accounts).


I don't understand what happened but our Zurmo instance is effectively bricked at this point.

Radius Search on Zip Code

10 September 2013 - 02:09 PM

We rolled out Zurmo on Friday as part of a 6 month test drive and our sales reps really like the maps when they click an address (we fly out and meet personally with our customers if they're interested in the program, so this is handy). One of our more experienced reps mentioned a feature available in other solutions like Sales Genie enabled him to do a "Search Radius" on a zip code or address.


So if he books a meeting with AB&C Co. he can search for companies in his list within 50 miles or whatever of AB&C Co. and call and touch base or schedule a meeting. Or, if he has current customers, he might want to put them on his itinerary to stop in, say hi, and touch base and see if they need anything and how everything is working for them, etc.


Once he mentioned it, all our reps started pestering me for it, I'm not sure what benefit this would be globally, but for our specific workflow (where we spend very little time in the grand scheme calling and much more time moving around) it would greatly enhance the efficiency of our Reps and their ability to better maintain and manage the relationships with their current customers as well as keep travel costs down by continuing to be able to focus on specific areas for a visit in that territory.

Editing Account Causes Sales Rep to Loose Place

10 September 2013 - 02:00 PM

Our sales reps started to use Zurmo on Friday as part of a 6-month test drive and one of their biggest issues, and for them adoption hurdles moving from Excel, is that every time they make a call, and therefore open an account to edit or comment, they loose their place is the list view and have to go find where they left off again.


Their suggestion:


They would like to see in-line edit capabilities, or a way to not loose the position on the page they were at. They wouldn't mind leaving the account list as much if at the very least when they came back it was where they were when they clicked through to an account. These guys spend a week calling around a zip code, tapping leads/companies for a meeting, then spend the next week flying out and visiting with them to explain the program.


Is there a way to do this now? A workaround that doesn't get too complicated or time-/click-consuming?

They're aware that the last search filter is sticky, and they like that. They are addressing specifically their place within that page.

Export Job Eating MEM (Over 3 GB!)

29 August 2013 - 09:15 PM

We upgraded the VM that runs Zurmo and I moved everything over, but after raising the memory_limit to 2G (of 3.25) it is still eating up the MEM, it steadily climbs over roughly 10 minutes to 2GB and then dies when it hits the ceiling.


Is this a bug? You seem to be handling the import process in a sane manner, doing it in clumps, but it doesn't seem that methodology carried over to exports.


If this isn't a bug, and the Export process really is supposed to be this inefficient, can somebody please tell me how to empty the export queue?


Here's a Screenshot of htop:

Attached File  zurmoMEMGlomming.png   19.24KB   122 downloads


Scratch that, for funsies I updated the Memory_limit to 3GB. Still no good. How did you guys even manage that?


Search/Filter Improvements

21 August 2013 - 06:31 PM

It would be really nice to be able to select the condition on which each criterion is evaluated.


For instance, I accidentally imported ~12k records without setting the Source correctly (it's the same for all records). I did a mass update and the server ran out of CPU and the update died. There doesn't seem to be a way to get all the records with an Empty Source or even all the records that are Not Equal to a specific Source.


Right now, the filters for the search in the Account list view (and elsewhere I believe) only search using == so "Source EQUALS 'Lead Sheet' or whatever. It would be beneficial to be able to build filters/searches like


Owner EQUALS "John Doe"


Source NOT EQUALS 'Lead Sheet'


Choosing the '(None)' value from the picklist in the search criteria tells me I need to select something to filter.


I also tried changing the "Structure" by setting it to "1 NOT 2" instead of "1 AND 2" but it gave me a message about using integers less than 3. Being able to do "1 NOT 2" might give us similar capabilities without needing to do a bunch of work on accounts.


Does this make sense or am I missing a feature somewhere?