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#7981 Manual upgrade

Posted by Schoelje on 13 August 2013 - 02:21 PM

I read the instructions to upgrade an existing install: http://zurmo.org/upgrades


However, for SolydK Back Office I packaged Zurmo (deb).


I'd like to know how to upgrade manually.

I know where the files go, how to set the right permissions, and edit the necessary configuration files.

My issue now is that I don't have an sql script to upgrade the MySql database.


Use case

User has version 1.5.12, and wants to upgrade to version 2.0.18.

The files are copied (old files overwritten) to /var/www/zurmo, configuration is changed, and permissions are set. An sql script is executed to upgrade the database to the newest version.


How can I realize this?




Because the database is the only issue during an upgrade, I searched for a database compare method and see if It can be scripted.

This looks promising:

mysqldump --no-data --skip-comments --skip-extended-insert -u root -p zurmo_old>zurmo_old.sql
mysqldump --no-data --skip-comments --skip-extended-insert -u root -p zurmo_new>zurmo_new.sql
diff zurmo_old.sql zurmo_new.sql

Found here: http://stackoverflow...mysql-databases

#7979 url rewrite from IP to localhost

Posted by Schoelje on 13 August 2013 - 02:09 PM

I'm sorry, that'll be the time I'm working.

So, I hope you can help me the old fashioned way: here on this forum ;)