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#13046 Error Accessing Leads from Latest Activities converts to Contact

Posted by elobocruz on 19 February 2014 - 09:37 AM

Hope you can also answer a question I posted in an other forum entry:


We seem to have run into a problem due to the fact that back in January the upgrade package released was from 2.5.3-2.6.3 therefore our current version is 2.6.3, but looking at the upgrade page the current available upgrade package is 2.5.3-2.6.5. When we run this upgrade going from 2.6.3-2.6.5 we run into this error:


Error - Not all members for Meeting could be translated to columns.
Error during upgrade!
Not all members for Meeting could be translated to columns.Members: (description, endDateTime, processedForLatestActivity, processedForLatestActivity, processedForLatestActivity, processedForLatestActivity, location, logged, name, startDateTime),Columns (description, enddatetime, processedforlatestactivity, location, logged, name, startdatetime)
Please fix error(s) and try again, or restore your database/files.


Any suggestions as to what can be done to get back on track with the upgrade sequence?

#13045 Error Accessing Leads from Latest Activities converts to Contact

Posted by elobocruz on 19 February 2014 - 09:25 AM

We have encountered a bug when accessing leads from the "Latest Activities" section on the dashboard. When from the latest activities the linked Lead is clicked on and viewed, the Lead is opened in the Contacts module (The attached screenshots are form the online Demo:



Zurmo Bug Lead to Contact.png




When Ester Anderson (a Lead) is accessed from the latest activities entry here is the result:


Zurmo Bug Lead to Contact 2.png



And when you go to edit the Lead, the edit view automatically provides the Contact edit view with the contact Status options, essentially converting the Lead into a Contact automatically:


Zurmo Bug Lead to Contact 3.png


Zurmo Bug Lead to Contact 4.png


If at this point you hit the save button, the Lead is now a Contact.



Please advise when you would be able to implement this fix.

#12232 Calculated fields not available in Reports

Posted by elobocruz on 09 December 2013 - 09:52 AM

We have also run into issues when attempting to utilize calculated fields in reports as they are not available in the drag and drop menu when selecting the columns in a Summation Report. For example, we created a "Current Value" field that multiplies the amount of an opportunity by the probability in order to have a more accurate representation of the opportunities in a report.


This would be useful for many other types of reports involving calculated fields.


Please advise if this bug can be addressed in the upcoming version.


Zurmo Calculated Field bug 1.PNG


Zurmo Calculated Field bug 2.PNG

#12217 Special characters in archived eMail

Posted by elobocruz on 06 December 2013 - 09:29 AM

Hello, I have also been experiencing that problem, when the email is picked up by the email archiving job and saved the presence of a special character will cut off the message in version 2.5.3. The message is recorded to the contact or lead but the body is cut off once a special character is used as knucKles explained. Please let us know when this bug can be fixed as it renders the whole email archiving feature useless.

#12098 Vertical Mobile UI Broken

Posted by elobocruz on 25 November 2013 - 04:29 PM



We have experienced issues when accessing Zurmo 2.5.3 on mobile devices. Our instance has not undergone any code level customization, only through the designer. The issue presents itself only when viewing in vertical mode. Below a screenshot form an iPhone 4  on safari (have tested on several other devices and browsers. Have to point out this error does not occur when accessing the Live Demo via Mobile.


Zurmo Mobile Vertical.PNG


Horizontal view Screenshot (no issue):


Zurmo Mobile Horizontal.PNG


Please help on solving this issue.


I appreciate your support.