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16 September 2013 - 06:14 PM


For years now I have been installing and uninstalling CRM's and never truly happy with any. I am a hobby PHP programmer that occasionally takes on jobs, but mainly I own a supplement company that ships products B2B and B2C.


I finally installed Zurmo and like how light weight and organized it is, it makes it easier to alter. 


This being said I have found a few things I don't like about it and plan on tailoring it to benefit my company and probably making it public.I am looking for ideas other than what I have come up with.



- Rename product to Orders and give it is own Menu Item

- Add payment Module to Orders (I am thinking stripe)

- Add Payment types to the system (check, CC, COD, ect..)

- Add user name and PW to accounts

- add a B2B site on a separate URL allowing access and purchases to be placed

- Possible shipping integration's (we use a fulfillment center that I MAY NOT make public)