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#154386 Shared calendars

Posted by wmike1503 on 11 November 2017 - 01:42 PM

The calendar function, is obviously, very important in a CRM.  Shared calendars are a must.


I will ask the question in the hope that someone might respond.


Shared calendars seem to be a mess:


  1. Poorly documented
  2. Duplicates entries
  3. No colour coding for different users

Has anyone ANY idea how calendars work - I've spend hours tryig to get them to work with no success.


ANYONE, please?





#154385 shared calendars

Posted by wmike1503 on 11 November 2017 - 11:56 AM

Hi All,


Does anyone know how to create, share and subscribe to calendars?





#154163 Email composing

Posted by wmike1503 on 30 October 2017 - 03:41 PM



When trying to compose an email - I am only able to write a single letter - in fact, composing the email is almost impossible.


Is this another bug?


I have a template setup for my signature block - that displays fine but, writing the email is currently not possible.


Application Info

This is version 3.2.3 of Zurmo.

Zurmo uses the following great Open Source tools and frameworks:


Any ideas, anyone, please?





#154161 Backup

Posted by wmike1503 on 28 October 2017 - 09:01 AM



I have just started using Zurmo for a military veterans service.  Keeping the data safe is critical.  The topic of backup is not explained fully, anywhere.


I have read a thread that suggests, simply, backing up the mysql database.  This poses a question for me.  Let's say, I have had to reinstall a fresh copy of Zurmo - this requires a clean database to do so. If I then restore a backup of my old mysql into my new installation's database - that will, surely, break it?


Clarification would be most helpful.





#28060 Searching custom fields

Posted by wmike1503 on 26 November 2016 - 04:11 PM

Worked this out.


Using the advanced search (also able to save the search for re-use) does the job.



#28044 Searching custom fields

Posted by wmike1503 on 25 November 2016 - 03:13 PM

Hi all,


Is it possible to make added custom fields searchable.


For instance I have a custom field for different business interests.  I want to enter a particular interest and pull up only the contacts within that area of interest.  is this possible or do I need to create a report?


Many thanks.





#19975 Unable to import from older Zurmo version

Posted by wmike1503 on 09 May 2016 - 06:21 PM

Another example - quite ridiculous.
Fields are mapped and then ALL are skipped after analysis - really?
I am not sure how Zurmo expects punters to pay when, clearly it is still riddled with import / export issues.
See attached. Oh sorry - can't even attach a screenshot.

#19974 Unable to import from older Zurmo version

Posted by wmike1503 on 09 May 2016 - 03:42 PM

So - I exported all I could to CSV - accounts, contacts, users, from older version (3).


Tried to import into latest version 3.1.3 - a familiar problem.  Zurmo tells me



Please map the fields you would like to import.

Required Fields:
The field, of course, is mapped.  Zurmo refuses to accept this.  ?????
In fact - NOTHING imports - users just report warning - such as id not found.  Amazed by this.  So, clearly, exporting from an earlier version just does not work - on any level.  For a product that is now pretty mature - this is pretty hopless.

#13471 Installation problems - please don't refer to developer sessions

Posted by wmike1503 on 04 April 2014 - 12:59 PM



First of all - I am NOT a developer - inviting me to your developer sessions is of no use to me - I've tried this once before - the discussion was well above my head.  I am a user.


I have a couple, simple questions - been trying to get these answers for a few months now - with no results.


1.  I have Zurmo live on one website - works OK except impossible to get the jobs functionality working - at all.


2.  Unable to install Zurmo on any other site (same host, same setup, just different site) - installing in exactly the same way I installed my working site - results in permission errors - spend a vast amount of time trying to get this to work - still nowhere near getting it to work.


3.  Trying to install on a local server - now database errors:


Failed Required Services


Database log_bin=on. Either set log_bin=off or set log_bin_trust_function_creators=on.




Failed Optional Services


Database max_allowed_packet size is: 1M minimum requirement is: 20M


Database max_sp_recursion_depth size is: 0 minimum requirement is: 20


Database thread_stack value is: 196608 minimum requirement is: 524288


Database optimizer_search_depth value is 62. It is required to be set to 0.


Database does not support LOAD LOCAL INFILE.



There is no info given on how to sort this out, what files to change, etc.


I would like to get Zurmo working - but am running out of time and patience to keep dealing with issues that, frankly, should be straightforward in software released to the community.


Again,  please do not suggest developer sessions.  A simple answer posted here would help me and many others.





#12980 Setting Up Bluehost Cron Jobs on Shared Server

Posted by wmike1503 on 13 February 2014 - 09:46 AM

Hi Josh,


Sorry to be dim:


1.  I am using php5.3 (anything else seems to break Zurmo)


2.  The Zurmoc file you mention - where is it located?


I'll then have a go at following your directions.


Many thanks,