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#12361 Install stuck with nothing written to database: No errors

Posted by JMOmandown on 25 December 2013 - 12:01 AM

Environment Information

Centos:                5.9 x86_64

WHM/Cpanel:      11.40.1

Apache:               2.2.26

PHP:                    5.4.23

MySQL:               5.5


Memcache and APC not installed.  PHP set to use FCGI under MPM Worker.



Zurmo's install page loads properly with no errors and proceeds through the system check successfully.  When entering the various database information into the next page and hitting install, the process seems to be stuck in an infinite loop.  Nothing is written to the database (although the ability to connect has been confirmed) and there is nothing outputted to the error log on the system or in Zurmo.


To try a different approach, we have also tried installing Zurmo through helper modules as opposed to directly.  I am pretty sure this is an environment issue as when Zurmo is installed via a helper module like Installeron, it installs properly, but no users (including the superuser) can login.  I suspect this also would be because the system is not properly connecting to the database like when Zurmo is installed directly.  I prefer not to install a helper module to install or update Zurmo.


I am really at a loss for where to go or what to try without any error output information.  I have checked the permissions of all folders per the setup requirements and also tried setting them all to permission 777 just to be sure.  We have tried Zurmo with and without memcache, but never received the common error that a particular class cannot be found nor could we get it working.


Just for kicks I have installed SugarCRM to see if the environment was blocking everything but that installed and functioned correctly.  We really love where Zurmo is trying to take the CRM concept and would like to be along for the ride, but I am unsure how to proceed here.  I have read through the forums for several days now without finding a solution.  Any ideas are more than appreciated.