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#12956 Licensing - Important

Posted by alw on 12 February 2014 - 09:14 AM

Hi Zurmo team,
We were interested in Zurmo Application. But unfortunately we need more information. 
1. We couldn’t find any info related to security assurance of our data. I think this is common problem for a company.
2. The website did not mention anything about on premise solution. Please tell us more about that because we plan to have our own server. and also the security of our data
3. Is it true if we want to have an integration with Microsoft Outlook, It’s a must that we need to purchase PRO version? because we still not clear about the pricing. it only state 1 price; $32/ user/ month
4. Do you have another view of customer case/ references? Or so far you only have 3 customer?
5. Could you please tell us your summary of licensing?
We need your answer super immediately, thank you for your attention!
Warmest Regards,