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In Topic: Adding memcache to exsiting install causes security errors

14 November 2014 - 09:13 PM

OK, seven weeks since I posted this bug. Zero response, despite 228 views (others having trouble with memcache?)

Leads me to conclude that memcache support, despite being essential to basic usability, is not a priority of this project's leaders.

Also that Zurmo is not viable for production use for our business, when a bug on basic usability goes unaddressed for seven weeks.

In Topic: Enable Memcache after install

25 September 2014 - 04:34 AM

I also installed memcache after installing Zurmo without it. Doing that has broken my previously working installation.

Will post a bug thread shortly.


Meanwhile, despite this post:


...being 2 1/2 years old, the up front installation information still says it is optional. Fact is it runs too slow to be usable without memcache.

Please if any wiki/docs maintainers see this, indicate memcache as required for a usable install ASAP.


Back to your question -

What is your platform?

On linux, after the config file edits you did, you will probably need to restart apache, memcached and mysql to get Zurmo using memcache. No idea on Windows but probably similar, restart the services.


That got it apparently working on my install (2.8.0 on debian stable on linode VPS) - however for ordinary users, there is now a permissions error thrown when they try to access paged that render pre-existing data (e.g. the Contacts listing, the Accounts listing, etc.). Clearing cache temporarily removes the error but it returns on second attempt to access pre-existing data.


No error for super user because presumably it has perms to everything behind the scences. But regular users are hosed. Can't find anything in forums on this - yours is the only thread I found about installing memcache after installing and using Zurmo without it.