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Adding memcache to exsiting install causes security errors

25 September 2014 - 05:28 AM

Platform: Zurmo 2.8.0 on Debian 7 (wheezy) on linode VPS.

  1. Installed per installation docs, without memcache, as it was not installed on server.
  2. Install worked, started testing for suitability to our needs, but was too slow to be usable.
  3. Installed packages memcached and php5-memcache on server.
  4. Then configured Zurmo instance to use memcache, as described here (edited relevant config files): http://zurmo.org/wik...ystem-explained
  5. Then restared apache, memcached, mysql.
  6. Logged in as super user - saw significant performance improvements on cached actions and no problems as super user.
  7. Logged in as ordinary user - Zurmo throws security errors on attempts to access data that existed previous to memcache install and config.

Sample error from application.log - just trying to look at accounts listing right after logging in - user had no errors on this prior to adding memcache:


2014/09/24 21:24:09 [error] [exception.AccessDeniedSecurityException] exception 'AccessDeniedSecurityException' in /our-path-to/zurmo/app/protected/modules/zurmo/models/SecurableItem.php:499

Stack trace:
#0 /our-path-to/zurmo/app/protected/modules/zurmo/models/OwnedSecurableItem.php(461): SecurableItem->checkPermissionsHasAnyOf(1, Object(User))
...big long stack trace...



Additional info:

  • Clearing cache temporarily removes this error in some cases, not in others; error returns on second attempt to access pre-existing data in most cases, always returns eventually.
  • Also tried Admin->Developer tools->Rebuild security cache - did not fix, no effect/no benefit, same errors in same situations.