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Error code: 111 Message: Connection refused

15 September 2012 - 04:24 PM

hi i was trying to install zurmo on my local machin.

Ubuntu 12.04,apache 2.2,php5.3

evry requirement was fine but im getting an error notification on the memcache hostname textbox.

Error code: 111 Message: Connection refused

Anyone please help me out to fix this.thanks in advance.


php and apache upgradation problem in LAMP

25 October 2011 - 07:49 PM

im working in LAMP(php5.3.2 and apache2.2.14).Im not able to install Zurmo in my local server since Zurmo require php5.3.3 and apache2.2.16. i tried to upgrade them by using my synaptic manager in linux mint but no use.The latest versions im getting through it are same ie php5.3.2 and apache2.2.14.Im not an expert in linux.

i also got an issue with Redbean php while installing.i have downloaded the file rb.php and placed under /var/www/zurmo/redbean/rb.php but i got an error like this:

RedBean version installed: 1.3 Minimum version required: 1.3
RedBean file is missing patch. -FAIL

Anyone please help me to upgrade my php and apache to php5.3.3 and apache2.2.16 respectively.
I also need a tip to install php apc.