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Can't change picklist on Salutation field?

24 April 2013 - 03:00 PM

Am I being dense? I went to add "Rev." and there's no "Configure" next to the salutation field in the designer.

Inbound emails again

28 March 2013 - 01:11 PM

Still having problems with the e-mail Dropbox feature. They're mostly working, and they're not showing up in the "Data Cleanup" any more.


When I look at a filed e-mail, the "Sent Date Time" is not showing up and one e-mail I just sent (which was a reply with the original e-mail attached) came through as encoded MIME. Other e-mails I've sent to the Zurmo dropbox address I've set up have been filed and displayed correctly, but they weren't replies and didn't have attachments.


I'm doing a little more testing... to see if I can nail down the trigger of the failure to decode.


Customizable badges

26 February 2013 - 05:45 PM

I'll toss this out on the Forum as an extension of the developer session. I'd really like the badges to be configurable, so that they get awarded for achieving arbitrary goals. I'm thinking in terms of motivating sales (or other) staff towards achieving sales targets.


  • Target should be able to be configured system-wide, by group (sales team) or by user (individual salesperson). Maybe the system-wide is really for the group "Everyone."
  • You should be able to set money targets (opportunity value) or activity targets (number of new opportunities, number of new meetings, number of new leads)
  • You should be able to define arbitrary time periods (monthly, quarterly, annual or between any two dates). Bonus for the ability to "roll up" targets (3 monthly targets could be rolled up into a quarterly target)


That's a start. I've gotta run to an appointment. Will have more thoughts later...

Campaigns feature

25 February 2013 - 03:46 PM

I've been showing Zurmo to a few colleagues and one bit of feedback I've gotten is that it's lacking a way to group leads/contacts/meetings/opportunities into campaigns. An organization might be doing a sales push around a product line or an event and would want to be able to see statistics just for that campaign.


Maybe this should be targeted along with the enhanced reporting on the roadmap, since it's really a reporting issue (as well as a dashboard issue), but it would impact the gamification features, too:

  • Define a campaign with a Start Date/Time, End Date/Time and monetary goal
  • Be able to associate Zurmo entities (opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, meetings) with one or more campaigns
  • Be able to filter by campaign when viewing a list of opportunities/leads/contacts/etc
  • Award badges based on campaigns: # leads created, # opportunities created,1st opportunity won, money goal reached, as well as intermediate (25% of goal, 50% of goal) badges
  • A dashboard app that shows campaign statistics: % of goal reached, $ by opportunity stage, $ by user

At it's heart, this request is to be able to show sales statistics for a subset of opportunities. At a minimum it should be for opportunities, but I think sales managers would also want to see statistics for # of appointments/calls and/or # of leads that were generated specifically around a campaign.


You could use the Source field for some of this, but another level of detail around the campaign would be useful. You may want to know for a given campaign if a lead/opportunity came in because of an ad, e-mail response, existing customer, ...


Any thoughts about this or plans in the works?

Odd (post-)install issue: Can't login unless "Remember me" checked

23 February 2013 - 02:19 PM

I'm starting to deploy Zurmo for testing to a few clients. I have my own CentOS 6 x86_64, which is set up as a hosting environment with ISPConfig 3.


I managed to get through a Zurmo install (1.0.20) with the demo data on one site and can log in with the super account. Installing another instance for a different client (same physical server, different database/web root/domain name), I get through the install but I can't log in UNLESS I check the "Remember me next time" box.


Not sure if this is a Zurmo issue or something elsewhere in the environment... Any thoughts welcome!