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#25627 Opportunity > Products portlet opens product details in misplaced modal box

Posted by Ross on 25 July 2016 - 03:00 PM

Thanks for reporting this issue.  I have confirmed it in the stable demo on our website also.  


A bug has en submitted to our engineering team to fix the UI issue causing the modal to appear at the bottom of the screen.  


Separately a Feature request has been submitted to allow admins to disable the modal products view as an option in designer since this is not currently configurable inside the app.

#20024 Unable to import from older Zurmo version

Posted by Ross on 13 May 2016 - 11:48 PM

I think you are coming unstuck because you are also mapping the ID value.  If you are importing the data to an empty DB (0 records) then you DO NOT want to map the ID value in your CSV to the Zurmo ID field.  Let me explain why:


When you import records Zurmo creates the Zurmo ID value as the record is created.  It is actually impossible to import new records and set the Zurmo ID value because of this.  If you are importing records from any other system (including another Zurmo CRM) and you want toimport the Record ID values so that you can later connect those records to others and retain the relationship then you should map the ID value to the "Other ID", not the Zurmo ID.


So why allow people to choose the Zurmo ID I hear you ask?  Well if you export all of your Account records for example, then update various values on those records in Excel, you can now import them all back (mapping the ID to the Zurmo ID) and the import will UPDATE the existing Account records in your DB and not create new ones.  In other words mapping the ID to the Zurmo ID is a great trick for mass updating your records in a custom way.


I am almost certain that is what you did.  :)

#20006 PHP 7 support

Posted by Ross on 13 May 2016 - 01:35 PM

Support for PHP 7 is on the way.  Our last Zurmo development sprint concentrated on upgrading the Yii framework to 1.1.17 which is a necessary precursor to us being able to support Zurmo on PHP7.


You can expect the Yii framework update to be available in the next release of Zurmo (expected to be 3.1.5) however there is still a great deal of testing we need to perform after that before we officially support php7.  When that happens you can expect an announcement about it on Zurmo.org.

#6979 Sending emails issues

Posted by Ross on 05 July 2013 - 06:30 PM

hi Juan,

Your crons appear to be set ok, for your information the CampaignGenerateDueCampaignItems is what sends the recipients to the email queue, so that job has run an worked fine.  The second job CampaignQueueMessagesInOutbox is the one that actually sends the emails from the queue.

If you look in the Job Manager (Settings >> Job Manager) and look at the job logs for the job "Process campaign messages" then you may see some errors in there? 

While looking at your problem I found that there my be some issue when processing campaign emails that include merge tags which may be your problem.  Some of the team are looking at that problem now so I will let you know an update once I know more.


#6377 Sending emails issues

Posted by Ross on 19 June 2013 - 06:08 PM

hi Juan,


The issue is most likely that you don't have a CRON job set up to send out the emails.  Went you send an test email from the Email configuration area it will send immediately.  However when you send an email to a contact, lead or other in the system the email is placed in a queue.  These emails are only released when the "Process Outbound Email Job" runs. You can check if this is running in the Settings >> Job Manager within Zurmo.  See markup here for clarification - http://markup.io/v/0v9arwcv4c5c


If this is not running your standard emails and campaign emails will not send.  Since you are on Linux you will need to create a Corn job to run the ProcessOutboundEmail command.  I suggest you look at the article below which provides more info:




You will need to add a cron entry on your server like the one below checking the directories match yours.  In the example below the zurmo user running the job is "super" but you can change this if you need to as long as it is a user with super user privalages.


* * * * * cd /home/yourzurmoaccount/public_html/crm/app/protected/commands; php -q zurmoc jobManager super ProcessOutboundEmail >> logs/ProcessOutboundEmail.log


If it does not already exist I also recommend creating the "logs" directory inside the "commands" folder in order to maintain a log of when the jobs have run.


#5564 Email Configuration with GMAIL SMTP

Posted by Ross on 21 May 2013 - 01:31 PM

To use a GMail account for outbound smtp from Zurmo you should use the following credentials, replacing the specifics with the details of your own GMail account of course.

Host: smtp.gmail.com

Username: myaccount@gmail.com

Password: *****

Extra Mail Settings: ssl

Port: 465

If you receive the following message when attempting to send a test email then the issue is that Gmail has blocked access from your server IP address believing the  sign-in attempt to be a hijacker trying to access your account.

"Message failed to send
Error Code: 0
Error Message: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "ross.peetoom@gmail.com" using 2 possible authenticators

Check your Gmail inbox, you have likely received an email from no-reply@accounts.google.com saying that "Someone recently tried to use an application to sign in to your Google Account".  You should scroll to the bottom of the email and follow the link to complete the troubleshooting steps.  On the page that loads follow the link "https://accounts.goo...ayUnlockCaptcha" and click the "Continue" button, you will now see the following text.

"Sign in using the application you want to authorize access to your account within the next ten minutes. Google will remember the application after it signs in, and will allow it to access your account in the future as long as it uses the correct password."

Restart your browser and log back into Zurmo, now test your SMTP settings again.  This time Gmail should accept the connection and your test mail should be delivered.

#3478 Should we move the 'show older comments' link to after the last comment?

Posted by Ross on 24 January 2013 - 06:41 PM

My feeling is that we should keep the "Show older comments" where it is, we should retain the proper chronological order.

What I would change however is the style of the "Show older comments" link to make it more visible.  At the moment it shares the same font and style as the conversation description or linked record.  On a number of occasions I have read comments in a conversation and got confused before seeing the subtle "show older comments" link.

Lets make it stand out more........... and stop me getting confused :P

#3374 Multiple Accounts for Contacts

Posted by Ross on 18 January 2013 - 04:18 PM

hi All,


Most crms, including Zurmo assume that a person works for just one company which for the most part is true in real life unless you hold down two jobs.  However I have encountered clients with similar use cases to the one Dan mentions below.

"For example, I do I.T. support for Client X, who also works with Event Planner Y. Event Planner Y now wants me to do some I.T. work for her, or use me on another project for Client Z."

The temptation here is to associate Dans contact to Client X, Client Z and Event Planner Y however this creates a real head ache when it comes to reporting, workflow and potentially other features of the system because we now have a many to many relationship which by its nature complicates matters.

I agree with chrisedwards in suggesting that Dan is associated to his own account and not the other 3.  Yes, Dan has a relationship to the other accounts he does work for, but it is not a direct relationship since they are his customers rather than his employer. 

My solution would be to relate Dans Account to his Customer accounts (X, Y and Z) and show that relationship in the system in the account record view.  Possibly as a "Related Accounts" portlet in the Accounts view with an interim relationship value where the user could select the type of relationship the two accounts share, ie, a dropdown with different values:

  • - 3rd Party IT Support
  • - Partner company
  • - Parent-Child
  • - etc

The bottom line is that we want to avoid many to many relationships between contacts and accounts, it seems like the obvious solution in the short term and in the short term it may work fine... long term however this many to many relationship will become cumbersome, it is not scalable and will show its cracks at the time that you need to pull accurate, meaningful reports.


#2796 Ross's Blog Post on Badges & Achievements with Zurmo

Posted by Ross on 28 November 2012 - 05:44 PM

Hi Jimf,

We are not currently working on a GUI interface that would allow admins to create their own badges and/or modify the requirements for badge upgrades, currently this would have to be done at code level although this is not particularly difficult.

At some point in the future I think it would be nice to have some form of interface for creating or modifying badges. Remember in the mean time however that you can use the Missions module to challenge users to complete an objective. Currently the "Reward" is just an open offering given by the requester but in theory you could change this to allocate a number of XP points to an individual.

#430 Gravatar in Zurmo?

Posted by Ross on 20 February 2012 - 08:10 PM

Are there any plans to use gravatar within the Zurmo system itself? they are typically used for Blogs, Comments and Forums but I would imagine that it would be nice for users who use Gravatar to not have to upload a photo of themselves on their Zurmo user profile page?

I wonder how many people this would actually help, is this a good idea or do we think it would not be used?..... since it links off of the email address I wonder if this coudl be used to pull a Gravatars of contacts in the system........... now I think THAT would be cool?!

#355 personalized assistance messages

Posted by Ross on 08 February 2012 - 08:33 PM

It would be great if we zurmo could be intelligent and offer in-line personalised assistance to users. I can imagine this would help user adoption by physically showing benefit to the user rather than simply giving them the tools and data to find this on their own. A few examples are:

“You sent an email last week to Joe Contractor, do you want to see who else knows Joe Contractor?”

“You sent 20 emails to Jim Architect this month, do you want to add him to your favourite records/Hit list?”

“You haven’t updated your Favourite records/Hit List in 6 months. Please re-evaluate it!”

“Tim has emailed someone who works with one of your contacts. What help can you offer him”

This follows on from my earlier post about reverse social networking which you can see here: http://zurmo.org/for...social-network/

#350 The Perfect CRM is also a reverse social network

Posted by Ross on 08 February 2012 - 01:28 PM

I was reading an interesting article yesterday that discussed failings of traditional CRM systems, it raised some good points but one in particular that I liked which was the idea of the perfect CRM also being a reverse social network.

This means it tracks not who you know, but rather who knows you. Each contact screen would show not just your firm’s responsible party (assigned user), but who else in your company knows this contact and what their interactions with this person were.

For example, your screen on Skanska would tell you who in your organization has contacts at Skanska, and what interactions they have had with those contacts. I expect this information will be available in the crm but I wonder how it will be presented to the user to make it intuitive.

What i mean by intuitive is, does the display encourage/prompt/guide the user to make use of the information they see on screen or is the responsibility on them to dig in and find it? I agree that this is often a barrier in user adoption so it would be nice to tackle this early.


#163 Import Wizard

Posted by Ross on 07 December 2011 - 05:57 PM

Hey all,

I am not sure were Zurmo is at with its Import wizard yet but I think it would be great to include a feature that would show users a list of their most recently imported files with an option to "role back" if they wanted to.

Imagine an import history which would show you for example the name of the file uploaded, the number of records created, when the import took place and by whom. This might only keep a history of imports in the past 2-3 months but it would give users a good understanding on who has been importing what.

Including a "Roll back" button against each of these separate imports would allow users to un-do the import in the event they realise that they have committed an error perhaps some days after performing the import. This would simply remove new any records associated with that particular import. Not sure how this would work with updates from an import, maybe "roll back" would only remove newly created records?

#51 Multi-select and tag cloud fields

Posted by Ross on 31 October 2011 - 03:00 PM

Global tags are an interesting idea! I can see a couple of ways that could be used in conjunction with a portlet. One example would just be to have a list of different records in your portlet that are tagged as VIP or High Importance, the portlet would offer a way to view those records. Perhaps not top priority but a potentially interesting idea.

What would be cool would be a portlet that allows you to monitor/follow a records, perhaps filtering by these tags.