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In Topic: about fuzzy search

16 April 2015 - 02:31 AM

zurmo not be able to support fuzzy queries, so that the lookup of customer data very influential. Can be modified?

Hi, tangxi, i also want the zurmo to be able to support fuzzy queries, have you solve it?


In Topic: Steps for Debugging Zurmo Error

13 April 2015 - 09:05 AM

after you turn debug on, you need to add ?clearCache=1 to the url. You need to do this anytime you switch to debug on. You can leave debug=on though during your work though. With debug=on you will see a stack trace which will be much more helpful

hello, i wanted to turn on debug for zurmo, then i seted  the "$debugOn=true" in the zurmo/app/protected/config/debug.php, but an error has occurred, here was the error:

assert() [<a href='function.assert'>function.assert</a>]: Assertion &quot;$user instanceof User &amp;&amp; $user != null&quot; failed

and the url turns to http://localhost/zur...confirmTimeZone

here my questions:

# what' wrong with i done?

# how do i turn debug on with the zurmo?


Please help...