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#17939 advanced search

Posted by ewa on 22 April 2015 - 01:04 AM

I find the zurmo's default is only to find the first character for , but it can't find the username of the 2rd character. such as there is an contact 'jack', and i can search 'jack' when i enter the 1st character 'j', but if i enter the 'a', it find nothing. however, i want to find also 'jack' when i enter 'a'. Then i try to set "$fullNameSql like '$partialName%' " to "$fullNameSql like '%$partialName%" in the ContactSearch.php , but it dosen't work, what should i do?
i found that someone else also have the same question, http://zurmo.org/for...-fuzzy-search/,  but i can't found the answer.

please help......