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In Topic: Bug With Groups

20 August 2013 - 04:01 AM

Attempting to create a group and make it a sub-group of "Super Admins" fails with the error screen. (duplicated in trial instance on trial1)

The error screen you receive is a bug, but in the end there should not be a subgroup relationship with the Super Admin group, so I think the ability to make subgroups with the Super Admin group will be removed.  Users who belong to the Super Administrator Group have permissions and rights to all records and functionality in the system, regardless of whether they belong to other more restrictive groups.


Attempting to create a group with no parent automatically Brute Forces you into inheriting permissions from the "Everyone" group. (duplicated in trial instance on trial1)

All users of the system belong to the Everyone group. There is no way to remove a user from this group.


We're basically cutting Leads out of our entire equation since they don't fit our business rules, along with products and categories and all that stuff. This also means nobody wants to see it, since we won't use it.

If this is the case, then it makes sense to set the Module Rights for Leads in the Everyone group to 'Deny'. By doing so, all non-super users will no longer see the Leads module in the crm.


As it stands, I can only have 2 groups, "Everybody" and "Super Admins."

No, you have the ability to create new groups. Just click the Create button in the Groups module.


Since there really is no sane way (that I've found) to change the default group, I just changed the permissions on the default group.

By default group, I take it you mean the Everyone group? Changes you make here will affect all users except those in the super administrator group. If you create any additional groups, and a user belongs to more than one group, the most restrictive permissions and rights will apply.

Record permissions of 'Owner Only' means that only the owner of the record has permission to view the record. 'Not set - ad hoc/owner' by itself means that the owner and the settings on the 'who can read/write' on the record itself will determine who can read/write the record. This setting comes into play for users who belong to more than one group, as it is also considered a neutral setting. A setting of 'All' means that that user has access to all records. If the Everyone group has a setting of 'Not set - ad hoc/owner' and you have a new group with a setting of 'All', the user will be able to see all records.

Module Rights of 'Not set' by default is restrictive. When combined within another group, you can open up the rights.


And since VPs/Managers will want designer access and workflow access, I need another "Admin" level group that just has the right modules hidden to keep everything from getting cluttered or people seeing useless modules or accidentally putting stuff in the wrong place.

Create a new group (call it 'Manager' or 'VPs' or 'Admin' or whatever you want). The settings here will combine with those in the Everyone Group. So if you set the Leads module access in the Everyone group to Deny, there is nothing more you need to do here in this new group. What you want to do in this group is give 'Allow' access to Designer, Workflow, and any other rights or permissions above and beyond a regular user that you want to grant to your VPs/Managers.

Once you are done and have added your users to any additional groups, you can always check their overall rights and permissions (based on all their groups) by clicking into the User detailview, and under Configuration, click into Security Overview.

In Topic: Date Time Format

18 June 2013 - 03:04 PM

Hi Johnny,

What you described is the current system behavior. The import tool is flexible in allowing you to choose the date and time format on your import document so that it does not need to be modified on the document.  Date and time formats in the user interface display are currently determined based on the language you are using.

However, we are currently working to allow users to customize their date, time, currency formats in the user interface. This feature is slated for the 2.1.5 release, which is set to be released in the very near future (within a week or so from now), so please keep a look out for it.

In Topic: Workflows > On-Save > Accounts > Products does not load list

12 June 2013 - 02:30 PM

Hello Martijn,


We were able to reproduce this bug and have logged a ticket to resolve it.

In Topic: Password Expires

10 June 2013 - 04:49 PM

Hi christy,

Our developers are currently looking into this issue. It does seem like the password expires functionality is not currently working. They are working to resolve this.

In Topic: Leads Categorized.

10 June 2013 - 04:18 PM

Hi sohaibwcws,

You can import Leads and set the 'who can read and write' to a specific group. This can be done on import step 3, when you select the option 'Owner and users in'.

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Furthermore, depending on how you are categorizing your leads, if you are using an existing field or a custom field to categorize your leads, you can import the lead 'category' into that field on import step 4 (the mapping screen). You could then filter your results in the lead list view using the search panel.