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Multiple Email Addresses for Each User

03 April 2013 - 07:00 AM

As mentioned on one of my previous threads, I would like to suggest a feature to allow each user to have multiple email addresses associated with their account.


Our business operates sales through multiple websites for different products. Correspondence with clients for each website is handled through different email addresses. Under the current setup, each user must either create multiple User profiles so that emails can be bcc'd or forwarded to the IMAP dropbox, or use an inefficient workaround of forwarding relevant to emails to their 'master' email address first, before forwarding again to the dropbox.



Email Archiving - 'In Process (Stuck)'

03 April 2013 - 06:42 AM

Hi all


We're having a problem with our Email Archiving on a Zurmo AWS Bitnami installation, our EmailArchiving process will not complete successfully and is getting stuck every time it runs ('in process (stuck)'). The last completed run was on 25/03/2013, and on that day two emails went in that had attachments. Both the email of the user and email of the contact for all emails are already entered into our system.


If I hit the 'reset' button, it attmepts to run again, but still gets stuck.


We're running on an AWS Ubuntu EC2 server through a Bitnami installation. Our EmailArchiving zurmoc task runs through a shell script, which is activated by a crontab every five minutes. 


Is there anything in our setup described that could be causing this problem, and is there any way I can troubleshoot the issue through the server console?



Using Multiple Email Addresses with Email Archiving

21 March 2013 - 09:08 AM

We have a company that uses different email addresses for different product departments (which are sold through separate websites). We've discovered that we can only add one email address per user, so that when we forward emails that were sent from their other email addresses to the Zurmo dropbox, we are getting 'Email address does not exist on the system' errors.


Is it possible to use multiple email addresses for each user? Or is this a feature that may come in the future? If this feature does not exist yet, is the best work-around to just create a 'redundant' user for each email address?

Setting up Email Archiving on Windows Azure-based Zurmo

08 March 2013 - 07:49 AM

I'm a little under-experienced to be dealing with this but hope you guys can give me some advice. I've managed to get Zurmo running on Windows Azure through a Bitnami installation. I'd like to also activate the email archiver, but I'm finding the instructions at http://zurmo.org/wiki/email-archiving very hard to follow.


It asks that I set up a cronjob to automate the checking of the imap account, but it seems that this is not possible on a Windows Azure VM. Is there any other way to set up this automated task?


Can I also just say Zurmo so far has been fantastic, and I'm quite excited about it. For us, it hits the perfect spot between the under-powered but handsome Highrise and messy feature pimps such as SugarCRM.