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#37499 Zurmo release 3.2.0 is compatible PHP 7 !

Posted by Iameki on 01 February 2017 - 11:33 AM

Where is the best place to go to be kept up to date with Zurmo, I really like the package, however I'm always worried that community development will stop one day. The forums are pretty quiet these days, Is there somewhere else you guys Discuss and update?

#26755 Been Using Zurmo for over a year and need the community

Posted by Iameki on 24 August 2016 - 10:09 AM

Hi Zurmo Forum,


I am new to the Forum, I have been monitoring it for a few months and there is not a lot of activity, this is a real shame considering the potential that open source Zurmo has.


I feel I was unfortunate and jumped on board slightly too late, I have been using Zurmo for just over a year, and have recently setup another business that is also using Zurmo. When trawliing though the previous posts, there is often mention of a weekly development meeting. I am yet to actually come accross one, and (maybe wrongfully) assume they no longer happen.


I have many questions and, long term, I would like to assist in the development of Zurmo open source, any information on the current state of the community would be much appreciated.


Below are a list of the issues/need of development that are a high prioity to me at the moment,

  • Being able to delete Custom Fields,
  • Batch update Custom Fields
  • "Keep me logged in" to actually work
  • Run Formulas for calculation of pricing within Zurmo

If anyone also has interest in the above please do reach out, and maybe with a keen members we can revitalise the Community.

One Love,

James Iameki Hall