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Been Using Zurmo for over a year and need the community

24 August 2016 - 10:09 AM

Hi Zurmo Forum,


I am new to the Forum, I have been monitoring it for a few months and there is not a lot of activity, this is a real shame considering the potential that open source Zurmo has.


I feel I was unfortunate and jumped on board slightly too late, I have been using Zurmo for just over a year, and have recently setup another business that is also using Zurmo. When trawliing though the previous posts, there is often mention of a weekly development meeting. I am yet to actually come accross one, and (maybe wrongfully) assume they no longer happen.


I have many questions and, long term, I would like to assist in the development of Zurmo open source, any information on the current state of the community would be much appreciated.


Below are a list of the issues/need of development that are a high prioity to me at the moment,

  • Being able to delete Custom Fields,
  • Batch update Custom Fields
  • "Keep me logged in" to actually work
  • Run Formulas for calculation of pricing within Zurmo

If anyone also has interest in the above please do reach out, and maybe with a keen members we can revitalise the Community.

One Love,

James Iameki Hall