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In Topic: [Mailing module] Images appear broken in all mailings

23 September 2016 - 07:27 AM


Managed to fix it. The problem was "https" in images URLs. I went to app/protected/config/perInstance.php and set


$instanceConfig['components']['request']['hostInfo'] = "http://" . "www.blablabla.com";  //$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
Now almost everything was fine. The last problem was that login was unprotected, so I forced through Apache that login page is https. Once logged in you're returned to http, but at least the login is protected.
Hope it helps anybody with the same problem :)


i am also facing same problem as under,


I created and template for marketing in template builder & inserted an image. when is send an test mail the image found broken and not visible.


will you will please help met to fix this.