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Working Strange with Sublevel menu of module

13 August 2012 - 02:07 PM

Hi there,

After some update with command line hg and resolution with you of some
points. For which I thank you.

I notice that submenu (sublevels) for Home, Accounts, Lead etc.. do not appear any more
when the mouse is hover the vertical menu.
I use an PC on Windows with IE, Google Chrome and FireFox.

At present I am in version 0.7.1. And I was able to notice It on some server of test dedicated to Zurmo.

There is a something special to do so that submenu re-appear when the mouse is hover the Menu of module ?

I allready use clearCache=1 but nothing change.

In the administration part all the sublevel menu work fine.

Thank you

Charts on Ipad IOS

08 August 2012 - 02:05 PM


I make some test and I found that with an iPad 1 & 2 tablet (ios version 5.1.1) the both Chart on the dashboard doesn't run.
the windows is empty. There is nothing which displays.
There is anything to download on the iPad ?

And when I make the same things with an samsung tablet an Android it's ok.

Best regards

Work strange according to the language

02 August 2012 - 01:23 PM

Good morning zurmo people,

Let me compliment you on working on this great project.

I have install Zurmo this morning on One Microsfot IIS Server
my config is :
PHP 5.4.5 nts
mysql 5.5.25A

I saw diferent things when I change the default language of an user account.
It's occur for the last version 0.6.9, 0.7,0 and 0.7.10.
I tried also an XAMP installer with apache like Easyphp and the Xamp about Apache Friends

Create Meeting with super user (admin) is different if the language (of super user or another user) is in English or in French.

when the default langue is English we have in the form "Create meeting"
an calendar at the right for the zone "Start Time" and "End time"
but when the language is "French" the calendar don't exist. I can't select an Date and Time

In the same thing
For the Zone "Account" and "Opportunity" when I am in French Language when I clic on the +
nothing happen. I don't have the list of Account and Opportunity.
In english it is work fine.

Do you know what happen ? Could you help me ?
thank - you

Best regards