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Multiple leads for the same account

06 June 2017 - 11:46 AM




What do you do if the Lead is a company with several members of staff who you would consider important to talk to?



We work within the education industry. Our clients/Accounts are schools. They purchase our Service on an annual basis like a subscription. Generally speaking you can get many Leads/staff for a single school simply by viewing their website.


In this scenario what are you meant to do?


- You know what the account will be (the school), but they are not yet an account; they are just a building in the country.

- You have maybe 2 or 3 members of staff at that school who could be called Leads, and will certainly eventually be Contacts.

- The Lead has not yet been qualified as the school not only hasn't shown an interest in our product but maybe hasn't even heard about us yet.


If we enter each member of staff as a Lead then it will be difficult for whoever is qualifying the Leads to find all the relevant data pertinent to a single school within one location.


As much as we'd like to, it doesn't seem possible to add the school as a Lead as Zurmo requires a Last Name which we cannot remove nor rename. Nor is it possible (that we are aware of) to group leads together so that all relevant data pertinent to a potential account is under one roof. It appears that leads have to be individual people.


If we add the first member of staff as a Lead, convert it to an Account (Type = Prospecting) and add the remaining staff as Contacts then this is going to make it difficult for Sales as the data they need is going to be in multiple locations. Something will get missed.


Before adopting Zurmo we ran on paper. A school was a Lead. Each school had multiple contacts. The school was not a qualified lead until it had shown an interest in purchasing a DeRep account. And became an account once they had purchased a DeRep account.


We're having a few teething troubles for sure, but it's a great product. Thanks for creating such a useful tool!


If you need any more information please ask.