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Override locale settings

27 March 2014 - 11:44 AM

Although it is officially correct to use thousand separators in numbers in The Netherlands, it is also not very common; people only tend to do this when the number start getting really large (think 1 million+) and when talking about currencies.


So in many cases, having Zurmo display a regular number such as 123456 as 123.456 feels unnatural to Dutch people.


It seems as if Zurmo derives these locale settings directly from the Yii framework, so I can obviously edit the file directly.


However, it would be cleaner and more update-proof if these settings could be overwritten from within Zurmo for each installed language.


So if the Languages section in the Admin area could have a "Configure" button for all installed languages, allowing you to select the preferred thousand separators, delimiters, etc. etc., that would increase flexibility for the end user.


If you want to go even further, you could make a distinction between currencies and regular numbers, but I'm not sure if the extra work associated with this would be worth it.


Hope to see this in a next version of Zurmo! :)

Set targets for missions and link to reports

27 March 2014 - 11:24 AM

The missions feature in Zurmo could be improved by allowing the creator of the mission to add a monetary target. It is very common for sales driven companies to use targets and bonusses for their sales people (much like the gamification in Zurmo, but on a different level), so why not allow managers to track these targets directly in Zurmo.


Additional thoughts:

* Linking these missions to opportunities so you can track mission progress

* Having a company wide mission, which does not require a link to an opportunity so tracking progress is even easier (and doesn't require users to create the link between the mission and opportunity)

* Add the possibility to add missions/targets to opportunity reports: this could be visualized as a target line in the pipeline graph, or an additional bar in a bar chart, or simply as a number in a summation table.

* Subdividing missions/targets for individual sales people or based on role; each sales person should achieve sales of amount X within a certain time frame.


I personally would refrain from adding gamification to reaching targets in this case, since that would create an unfair advantage for sales people over sales support staff and other Zurmo users.


Hope to see this in an upcoming release!

Export reports to PDF

27 March 2014 - 11:15 AM



I've seen a couple of discussions on this forum about printing/exporting to PDF, but none in the form of a simple feature request, so I'm adding it now.


For all reports you can generate in Zurmo, it would be awesome if you could download these as a PDF. Although I understand some functionality will be lost (drilling down in a summation report), being able to print to PDF (graphs and tables), with possibly a custom logo (of the company which is using Zurmo) seems like a common and basic need.


In addition, the report should (optionally) contain the following information:

* Time and date it was generated

* User who generated the report

* Name of the report

* Custom logo


Most of my customers (Zurmo or other) indicate they discuss these reports during management/staff meetings and having a piece of paper to talk about is much more convenient than using a laptop/beamer/tablet, etc.


Keep up the good work! :)

Time-based workflow enhancement

25 March 2014 - 08:34 PM



with Zurmo 2.6.5 it is possible to create a time-based workflow based on a certain time before or after a specific record field. Example: 1 day after the creation date of a record, perform action X.


What I would like to see added to it is the possibility to run periodic workflows without specifying a time trigger, but just selecting a regular trigger/filter.


Example use case: I have a custom opportunity identifier (let's just call this opportunity ID for now) which I have added as a custom field. Now, I want to copy this custom identifier to all related projects.


The problem is that when I use the existing functionality, the time based trigger is executed only once, so when I create a new project after the workflow has executed, it will no longer copy the ID to the project, unless I edit/save the opportunity once again or add an infinite amount of time triggers.


Basically, I'm looking for a way to run workflows periodically regardless of any time based triggers, just regular filters.


Different use case: sending task due date reminders. With the current functionality you would have to create a new workflow/time trigger for each reminder (7 days in advance, 6 days in advance, etc). If it would be possible to just select a trigger/filter, you could have reminders sent untill the task is actually closed/completed, without creating a bunch of workflows and time triggers.

Auto filter on contacts

20 October 2013 - 12:11 PM

When I create, for example, a new opportunity and I select an account, I would expect to see only contacts belonging to this account when I select a contact, however, it shows all contacts.


I can see how it can be useful to select an alternative contact, but in 99% of the cases the contact will belong to the selected account. I would like to see a checkbox or something (checked by default) which only shows contacts related to the selected account(s).