Zurmo Previews Next Phase of CRM Gamification, Targets Younger Generation of CRM Users

Zurmo, the leader in CRM gamification, announced what will be included in the upcoming phase of gamification while continuing to focus on the younger generation of CRM users. Gartner predicted three years ago that by 2014, more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one “gamified” application. As the new year emerges, Zurmo is positioned to lead the CRM industry in gamification.

As a younger generation enters executive, director, and management positions, the decisions regarding which business systems stay and which are eliminated will greatly change. The new crop of business leaders are looking for applications that engender usage and increase adoption. They have a low tolerance for legacy systems and outdated software programs, which are increasingly being phased out and replaced.

“We see this trend of younger decision makers entering the workforce and either influencing or directly choosing which CRM to go with as a good thing for having a gamified CRM application,” states Ray Stoeckicht, co-founder of Zurmo. “Most of our customers are under the age of 45 and they chose Zurmo because of the innovative and forward thinking design of the application. As the 55 and older generation nears retirement, our target market and profile of user will continue to resonate with game mechanics and intrinsic motivators because they grew up with gamified systems and have been exposed to them for decades,” continues Stoeckicht.

Current Zurmo CRM Gamification Functionality

  • Points
  • Levels
  • Badges
  • Missions
  • Leaderboard
  • Collections
  • Coins
  • Game Dashboard
  • Rewards

Upcoming Gamification Features:

Personalization – CRM administrators will be able to create their own Badges and Collection Items. If a company in a certain industry wants to create custom badges that resonate with their users and are triggered by specific criteria, this can be achieved through the creation of custom Game Items.

External Gift/Rewards Integration – Allows users to receive tangible rewards and incentives for CRM usage. Instead of winning a reward such as ‘Lunch with the Boss’, users can earn gift cards to the nation’s top retailers. Integration with Tango Card, a Rewards as a Service platform, allows Zurmo users to tap into the most impactful rewards available to drive employee behavior. Coupling extrinsic motivators, such as gift cards, with intrinsic motivators, such as being #1 on the leaderboard, will allow Zurmo to continue innovating the CRM industry in gamification.

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  • bbergman

    Hello! Is the Game Item configuration option slated for any near-term release? I don’t see it on the roadmap, but it’s something I’m looking forward to. I already have used the rewards quite a bit, but I’d like to fine-tune the game items (and trigger points, specifically) for our use.

    Thanks! You guys rock!

    • connectgo

      I think there is a good chance this functionality will be in Gamification Phase 3 according to the roadmap in Zurmo Release 4.0, scheduled for Fall 2015 – I’m not a Zurmo employee, just a user.