This isn’t your Grandfather’s CRM

If you learned what Typhoid is by playing Oregon Trail, you will probably like Zurmo. If you didn’t, you probably will still like Zurmo anyway.

No, it’s not like playing a video game. No, it doesn’t replace the classic sales funnel. It enhances the experience by employing gaming mechanics so that users are engaged.

Let’s be realistic about something. The so called next generation has widely different expectations when it comes to “user experience”. Actually that idea applied to business applications didn’t even really exist when CRM systems as we know them today were created.

You are welcome to sit in front of the playground with your shopping bags and complain about the disastrous “instant gratification generation”. Okay, your complaint has been acknowledged.

But what are you actually going to do about it? Well if you’re hanging out drooling on a park bench screaming, you sure as heck aren’t part of the solution.

Lets stop hissing and face the reality. Times are changing. And we need to radically adapt.

The kids swinging from the monkey bars are going to be a heck of a lot smarter than you or me. Their average IQ will be higher. They will have massive amounts of information coming at them in all directions. The world is going to be a different place.

Business applications that anticipate the cultural changes will succeed. Those that ignore them will fail.

As the author of this post, I’m writing right now because I want to. Not because I have to. There really is nothing else I’d rather be doing at the moment. Sure I’m going to have to do some tedious boring stuff later on, but if I could just retain an ounce of that “want to” mentality with my work, then my results will be so much better.

Traditional CRM systems are like perfect petri dishes where the infectious “have to” mentality breeds and rapidly kills off the “want to” state of mind. We want to change that with Zurmo.

If you believe work doesn’t have to be horribly boring and awful all the time; If you have faith that even things like maintaining data can be be turned into a positive experience, then you’re at the right place. Welcome to Zurmo.

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