Zurmo – The Leaderboard

Big or small, there is a competitive streak in all of us, whether we are playing golf with friends or Xbox with the kids.  I have one of those friends who even makes sport out of having the latest mobile phone… that’s not a sport I care for, but I still enjoyed watching his face as I slipped out my newer, more powerful handset last week.

My phone was due for an upgrade, I didn’t buy it just to see the despair on my buddy’s face, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a small motivation for me!  Such competition is just as evident in the workplace.

Those of you who have read my previous posts on Points and Leveling will know that all actions in Zurmo accrue reward points that count toward your Overall XP.  A user’s accumulation of overall XP points are what determine their position on the Leaderboard.

All users will have access to view the Leaderboard and see exactly where they stand in the ranking, who is above them, who is below, and how many points separate them.  Each user’s position in the Leaderboard depends entirely on the number of XP points that they have accumulated through sheer usage of the system, following best practices, and bonus points awarded for new badges or category level ups.

Users will be able to choose between Leaderboards for the Month or Week, ranking users by their points accumulated over that period or see their Overall ranking since the beginning of time.

As well as providing a physical representation of a person’s usage against others in the company, the Leaderboard structure provides a proven platform to improve incentives and motivation to use the system.

Some strive to be number one, while others will say that the important thing is the “taking part”, but we all agree that we don’t want to finish last. With points awarded for just logging in, there can be no excuses for not getting involved!

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  • Las Aurilis

    How do I exclude a user from appearing in the leader board. eg. Super User (Not a participant)?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Stoeckicht/100001473956853 Ray Stoeckicht

      You cannot exclude any users (including ‘super’) from the leaderboard, but in the future we will make this possible.

      • Las Aurilis

        Thanks, it will be nice to exclude maintenance and administrative USER from the leaderboard

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Stoeckicht/100001473956853 Ray Stoeckicht

          Yes, completely agreed. We will make this possible in a future release.