Get Involved

Get Involved with Zurmo

Are you interested in getting involved with the Zurmo project? We are looking for contributors to add code, fix bugs, and work on translations. Our project is built on an honest open source model supported by a diverse community passionate about engineering the highest quality CRM on earth. We need your help to make Zurmo great.

Why you should get involved as a developer:

  • Improve your skills as an engineer.
  • Get involved in an exciting project.
  • Learn and follow a best practice Test Driven Development methodology.
  • Help us prove that true Open Source can apply to CRM.

How we work:
Workflow is divided among different teams. If you want to be part of the Zurmo project, you will be assigned to one or more teams based on your interests, expertise, and background. Please let us know if you have interest in joining a certain team.

The Zurmo Teams:

Infrastructure Team

  • Work on core components of the application.

Database Team

  • Work to add support for additional databases.
  • Standardize and refactor queries to be more database agnostic.
  • Work to utilize more RedBeanPHP features.

Performance Team

  • Work on performance tweaks to speed up the application.
  • Work with the benchmarking server to benchmark various workflows and processes.

User Interface Team

  • Work with jQuery and css to improve the user interface and implement new elements.
  • Manage the user experience, gather feedback from users and work on designs to improve the user interface.
  • Develop new themes.

Continuous Build Team

  • Work on the continuous build server and tasks associated with this.

Features Team

  • Develop new features and modules for the application.

Support Team

  • Build documentation, screencasts, and wiki entries to help others learn the application.

Language Team

  • Work on translating the application into multiple languages.