Products and Product Catalogs

Zurmo 2.0 includes Products, one of many added features that welcome newcomers to our family of use cases. Why would you need Products and Product catalogs? How do they work? Well let’s play around with an example.

Arnold sells wholesale camping equipment in the Midwest.

He calls an old customer called Jim’s Outdoor Adventures in Grand Rapids, MI to finalize an annual sale. When Arnold pulls up Jim’s account in his CRM, he sees the products that have been sold to Jim in the past. A list of items appears in the Products widget that include items like “Tents”, “Canteens”, “Beer Cozies”, and “Bear Deterrence Instruction Guides”.


Arnold decides to try to sell more of the same items to Jim and successfully closes an opportunity called “2013 Summer Season Purchase”, which has the new products directly tied into the record.

Fast forward 90 days. After purchasing a tent and a Bear Deterrence Guide from Jim, a man and his wife head north to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore for the weekend. While grilling a cherry bratwurst on the fire, an unfortunate occurrence takes place. The couple are confronted by a wolverine. A Michigan Wolverine to be exact. Otherwise known as a Skunk Bear.

It turns out that the Wolverine was quite friendly, as most creatures in Northern Michigan tend to be, but he did leave an odorous dividend inside the couple’s tent. This resulted in a rather unpleasant evening.

The next morning, while having their smoked chub breakfast, the couple recalled that Jim had guaranteed bears would not be capable of fitting through the door of their tent. Although he had some questions as to whether or not Skunk Bears qualified under this category, Jim’s lawyer advised him to issue a full refund.

Jim called Arnold to explain the problem and see whether or not the tent warranty would cover his loss.

Product Screenshot

Back to the Products Module. Arnold pulled up Jim’s recent order and, with the tent serial number, was able to quickly locate the exact product item. He found that the manufacturer had in fact issued a recall on that specific lot shipped to the warehouse.

Voila. The product module in Zurmo saves the day and Michigan Wolverines are not to blame.

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  • Jacobo López

    Does the Product module calculate sold items vs items in the catalog stock ?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      What do you mean by ‘sold item’? Are you asking if there is a quantity in the Catalog Item and when Products are created from the Catalog Item, then the quantity reduces? If so, we could add that as a feature request in an upcoming release.

  • Area Local Media

    how do you query the database to show all active products?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Do you mean active “Catalog Items”? There is no status field for Products where it shows Active (unless you created a custom field). You can search for Catalog Items and add “Status” to the list view (see image). Does this work?

  • St. Aubyn

    Hi all,

    What would be the best way to setup a catalog of motor vehicles to be sold? Information such as year type, make, model, color, engine size, petrol, transmission, kit, features (check boxes) are all attributes.

    Ideally the product name would be dependent on the attributes such as make, model, kit (BMW 318i LS).


  • Zack

    The invoicing module is really interesting. Am using Zurmo for a client who buys and sells shares, i would ilke to know how i can maintaing a specific set of products but with a changing price on a daily basis just the way we have like the currency one? how can i achieve that? Also how can i make this customer have different accounts?