Project Management in Zurmo

Project Management is now fully integrated with Zurmo CRM. This comes as great news to users who have been lamenting about the pains of constantly changing gears between one application and another. Now managing customer relationships and projects can happen within the same environment. We believe this will translate into more people adopting each.

Project Management in Zurmo is agile, collaborative, and facilitates great insight into what is going on. This is very much in accordance to the application as a whole.
Let’s see how it all works:


Get a bird’s eye view of how various projects are moving along:

project statusHone in on a specific project to see details. It should come as no surprise to Zurmo fans that we have decided to represent the progression of projects through Kanban visualizations. People really seem to love dragging and dropping to move items from left to right. We would never want to rob anyone of the small tingle of joy they experience by visualizing accomplishment.

projectkanbanA couple of cool things to point out in the screenshot above:

A task will have a green bar above it if it contains any Checklist items that have been completed. The length if the bar denotes the percent of checklist items completed. (A task with no checklist items will not show a bar).

Different users can add comments on the task and click the Comment button to submit their comment. Some examples of comments can be questions about the task, or reasons for accepting/rejecting the task.
project_tasksUsers can subscribe to receive notifications on project updates. The thumbnail profile/avatars are people who have subscribed to receive updates. The goal is to keep everyone informed and encourage as much collaboration as possible.

To better understand Project Management, we recommend having a closer look at tasks and how they can be directly associated with objects in the CRM.

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  • Ron

    Is there any way to order the checklist?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Not at this point. We may include more options to sort checklist items in a future release.

      • Jan

        We also have the same problem here with Projects not showing up in the menu. We checked already if the users had some problems with permissions but they have access to the modules and it is also configured in Module Rights.

        • Leo Kerr

          Projects is hidden in mobile mode. Change to desktop mode by clicking the desktop icon at the lower right of the screen.

  • klessk

    hi, why my add files link is not active? thanks for your help

  • David Montoya

    I can’t see the Project’s Menu. I don’t know how can I create a new project :/

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Are you looking in the Live Demo?

      Login as ‘super’. On the homepage, you will see a left hand menu with modules listed (Inbox, Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities). Click the three dots under the Opportunities module so that you can open up the menu, where you will see Projects and a number of other modules.

      • David Montoya

        Hi there Ray,

        I have my own installation, and I can see the modules (inbox, accounts, leads, contacts, Opportunities, Reports and others) but i can’t found the projects option.

        (I’m logged as Super)

        • Ray Stoeckicht

          What version of Zurmo are you using? You need to be on at least 2.5 to have Projects.

          • David Montoya

            Yep, it’s the las version.
            I can use the URL: http://DOMAIN/app/index.php/projects and it works but I don’t have a menu button for that.

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Are you sure that the user you log in with has access to the Projects module? Go to Groups-> Configure-> Module Rights. Is ‘Access Projects Tab’ set to ‘Allow’? If not, there is your problem.

          • David Montoya

            Hi Ray,

            Yes, it’s set: Allow.

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            I’m not sure then. Seems like you have something funky with your installation. Can you replicate on the Live Demo or trial?

          • Andre


            same issue over here (2.5.8). Cannot see the project menu, the direct link works (http://DOMAIN/app/index.php/projects).

            Projects are enabled in groups. I checked the live demo, where it works fine. What else could be wrong?

  • jaykishan

    i love a zurmo CRM but one thing is not satisfying in the demo… how
    can i have direct link to a task? is that possible? cause at the moment
    it seems everything is ajax so no direct link of the task.. it is very
    important that we can have a direct reference to a task by a link so
    that we can directly give developers a link to task so that they can see
    it directly by clicking on it instead of searching and finding? really like the insight on it asap

    • Diego

      Yes. I have the same question. Great APP!

    • jaykishan

      BUMP! any one from the zurmo development team?

    • jadoux

      same feature request, we love this app, and are ready to contribute considerable money to its developers, but unfortunately there is no clear roadmap

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  • Jens

    Can I link an account to a project?

    • Mario

      Yes, an account can be linked to a project. That way you can see in the account page on which project you work for this particular account / customer.

  • Mario

    Is there a plan to show a general comments field like in tasks? That way you could have general discussion about the project (i.e. Project Meetings conducted, Milestones met, Announcement of changes etc.).

  • jadoux

    is there anyway to have a different view / layout of project tasks other than the default kanban view? a list or a gantt chart maybe?

  • jadoux

    Asking the same question of 8 months ago, is there anyway to have a different view / layout of project tasks other than the default kanban view? a list or a gantt chart maybe?