Zurmo 3.0 Release

Some of you who follow Zurmo closely will have seen that the Zurmo 3.0 code has been available to download for some time already.  This week we are officially announcing that release here on Zurmo.org.

The 3.0 release offers a ton of bug fixes across all areas of the Zurmo platform but if you are hungry for new features as well then we also have some improvements to water your mouth.

We will be adding more information about some of the features listed above here on Zurmo.org soon.  But if you cannot wait for that then why not upgrade to 3.0 today and check out some of the new features for yourselves!

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  • ms4130

    very cool to see this update. I probably should upgrade my 2.5 version finally :)

  • Gerald E

    Hi there, can you tell me on why a Meeting Attendee does not see ‘his’ meeting in ‘his’ “My Meeting portlet. Yes, he is not the owner, only attending (another user) but it should show as one of ‘his’ meetings?