Zurmo 3.1.1 Release

We’re excited to announce the release of Zurmo 3.1.1! This release brings some exciting new features, improvements to some existing features and some crucial bug fixes. See below for details!

New features

Markdown – Markdown is an easy-to-use syntax which helps you to style your writing in Zurmo, so that you can jazz up your comments with the use of italics and bold, lists, images and more.

A potential sale is similar to fresh produce, if forgotten about it will go bad. The Opportunity Rot feature allows you to take notice of potential sales that have been idling for too long. When enabled you may set a number of days that it is acceptable for an opportunity to remain in a particular stage.  Red or green visual indicators will then appear beside the Time in stage value wherever it appears. Those opportunities that are considered healthy will show a green light while those that have exceeded the maximum number of days allowed will show a red light indicating that they need attention.  Leaving the threshold for a stage as 0 effectively disables the visual indicator for that stage. To enable this feature head over to the Designer > Opportunities > General.

Now you can automatically update comments to a feed using a Workflow Action. There are innumerable ways this automation could benefit your use of the CRM. For example, you could use the WF action to update the Feed Comment with a ‘System User’ message when an opportunity is won.


  • The Kanban view has now doubled in size! 100 (rather than 50) items can now be shown.
  • A secondary email address can be added for users.

Bug fixes

  • Zapier – can’t turn on zaps with meeting trigger or action
  • Issue with custom validators during imports
  • Can’t add comments to tasks that had empty required custom fields.
  • Count values shown next to a Report Chart display as currencies when the ‘Convert to base currency’ option has been applied to the report.
  • If the user has “Edit, Audit Trail, Change Password, Configuration” module right set to Den (by super) they can still reset user passwords.
  • False positive Google Apps notifications
  • No warning about closing the browser and interrupting subscription process
  • Prevent creating two custom fields with same names
  • Portlets can’t be added to custom view
  • The direct link of a task is broken, when task is in a project

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  • Horacio Reyes Rios

    The [zurmo] code to show zurmo forms in wordpress still fail in mobile devices :(

    • Ross Peetoom

      We are aware of this one. Its something that is in our backlog to fix. If there are any front-end engineers willing to help with fixing that issue please get in touch, we’d love to fix it sooner.

  • Rodrigo Sírio Coelho

    I’m using Zurmo, it is really good. But I’m affraid the improvements are not comming fast as on the past. If you see the roadmap, it is really behind it.
    Why that? Because they were bought? Why people spend more time on Vtiger than trying to improve Zurmo?

    • Ross Peetoom

      Hey Rodrigo. Good news, we have a 3.1.3 release coming this week, (maybe today) so keep an eye out for that and release notes later this week.

      The Zurmo Roadmap is a little out of date, we hope to update that in the next couple of weeks with our plans for Q2, 3 and 4 of 2016.

      • Rodrigo Sírio Coelho

        Hey Ross, great news.
        Thank you for keep us informed.
        I really think zurmo can be the best option from all others on the Internet.
        What about the development meetings? Are them still hapenning? I would like to give some contributions, at least with some new ideas.

        • Ross Peetoom

          We don’t currently have any plans to restart the weekly Dev sessions but keep an eye out here on the Zurmo.org site. Should that change I am sure we’ll put about a blog announcement to let the community know.

  • With Connect

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  • kiran