Migrating to Zurmo CRM from Sugar

On a recent team call with Mark Kofman, I asked the following:

“So, just to be clear, your company spends the entire day doing nothing but CRM migrations?”

Yes. That is correct. Import2 spends all day migrating data. And they have figured out a way to do it very efficiently. “We are like the garbage collectors of the software world. We do what no one else wants to,” Mark continued.

Okay. We don’t necessarily envy their job, but we are certainly glad these guys exist.

Especially lately as many requests have come in for help migrating CRM data from Sugar to Zurmo.

The tool works by automating Zurmo data imports from other CRMs, such as Zoho, Sugar, or Highrise. “It’s as easy as clicking one button”.

Here is how it works


Here at Zurmo, data migrations are not our cup of tea and we are happy to have someone else handle these fun jobs. You can learn more about what Import2 is offering here: http://www.import2.com/zurmo

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