The Future of Zurmo

Today we announce some very exciting news.  We have been acquired by Gravity4, the world’s first High-Frequency Marketing OS.

Over the last four years, Zurmo has become the leading gamified CRM platform. Through this acquisition, not only do we complete Gravity4’s Enterprise App Center, but we are able to leverage the power of and to enhance Zurmo’s current email and social capabilities, respectively. We are excited about the future and bringing Zurmo to the next level.

As part of this acquisition, existing customer relationships will continue to operate as is and the commercial editions of Zurmo will be rebranded as Gravity4 and sold under the brand  The Zurmo team will be joining Gravity4 in their U.S. offices. will continue supporting the open source community. Additional information will follow over the next several weeks.

The Zurmo team and I would like to personally thank everyone who has been part of this journey with us.  Our success could only have come through your valued business and feedback. I will be continuing the journey with the Gravity4 team and am looking forward to further success.


Jason Green
Co-Founder and CEO
Zurmo Inc.

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  • burkesoftware

    Does “ will continue supporting the open source community.” mean there will continue to be an open source version? For what it’s worth I’m a paying customer and use Zurmo specifically because it’s open source.

  • Jason Green

    Yes there will continue to be an open source version. Our new 2.9 release is planned to come out within the next several weeks.

  • Peter Montanez

    Happy for you guys, but on the other hand sad, knowing that you will have to realign priorities and objectives, we all know that the open source model is not an attractive enterprise for Gravity4. Farewell – Thanks Jason and the entire Zurmo Team for what you have done for this community .

    • Windsor

      Hi Peter, can you elaborate on why “we all know that the open source model is not an attractive enterprise for Gravity4″ . Not sure I understand all of the implications. Can you be more specific as to why you feel that way?

      • James Barnsley

        Hi Windsor and Jason, let me clarify for you …

        “The model has traditionally been along the lines of ”tease them with
        a light Open Source Edition”, then show them the only way they can
        really get value out of the system is by upgrading to a paid Enterprise
        Edition. Oh and while you’re at it, switch the licensing around
        and ladle on all kinds of conditions so software engineers have their
        hands tied.

        We don’t think this has really worked so well over the past few
        years. Developers have felt cheated, abused, and less likely to want to
        build cool extensions and customizations on top of software when the
        license holder doesn’t share their common ethos. At Zurmo we want people
        to take what we’re building together and make it better. We believe
        this to be the only way we can have the kick ass software we’re striving
        to achieve. We help the community. The community helps grow the

        Taken from …

        Basically do you think people fell of a Christmas tree, we believe in Open Source, we are not like all those other Open Source CRM providers, I am a man of the people, we are not in this for the money.

        Yeah, Yeah …

        Then we decide to sell up when a company offers us a nice chunk of cash.

        The Future of Zurmo …

        Expect a few more updates for the next year then after that it will remain staled at the version its on while we busy ourselves with the Enterprise Version.

        Do not get me wrong. I am happy for you. I would have done the same thing if I was in your position. But to still claim you are doing this for the benefit of the community is stretching it a little bit far.

    • Jason Green

      The open source is not going away. 2.9 is almost ready for release and nearly the entire release is open source functionality.

      • Dan Waterloo

        Jason, I too have been abandoned by sugarcrm. I’d like to see the open source version continued. Any possibility of that? Did you have much of a community that we can keep going on the software?


        • Jason Green

          We just released the 3.0 open source version on Friday. We will be doing the upgrade script this week. We do have a community and hope that everyone on this thread can help test out the new 3.0 release.

          • Burke Allen

            How can we get more involved in testing 3.0 and in learning more about how to extend the open source version?

  • Lukas Janda

    Hope you will keep opensource version alive. I dont want to feel like with Sugar… It still the best way to keep on improovments.

  • ms4130

    interesting news. I’m a little worried about security updates but then again I’ve been using the free version so I’ve always been on my own. Zurmo is my first CRM tool I’ve put any effort into adding useful information. I haven’t even gotten to where I’m using it to automate reminders and improve relationships. but hopefully the community will get stronger and independent.

  • martin_d

    I just found Zurmo looking for an alternative to the recently dropped SugarCRM CE… haha!

    Too bad, moving on.

  • Dwight Walker

    This is a shock. Big companies benefit from open source more than the developers do.

  • Erik Imes

    Congrats. I am happy for you. Keep up all the good work. Just please don’t be SugarCRM.

  • Burke Allen

    Any updates on the Future of Zurmo?

  • Burke Allen

    When will the upgrade script for Version 3.0 be made available?

  • With Connect

    Thanks For The Happy news