Zurmo Available on BitNami

We are proud to announce that Zurmo is now part of the BitNami Library. Zurmo can be downloaded easily and has ready to run native installers for Windows, OS X and Linux, virtual machines and Windows Azure & Amazon EC2 cloud images.

We are excited to be added to the BitNami family as this greatly simplifies installation, and the stacks include a pre-configured version of Zurmo with all of its required dependencies.

Bitnami article: http://blog.bitnami.org/2013/02/welcome-to-newest-bitnami-stack-zurmo.html
Zurmo stack on BitNami: http://bitnami.org/stack/zurmo

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  • Tod A. Wulff

    Just a bit of feedback in that the Bitnami implementation of Zurmo is wicked easy to install and get started with. For those of us who are, by necessity (as a startup with little resources and no formal IT support), forced into a position of wanting the Zurmo CRM without all of the headaches of setting it up manually, the Bitnami packaged solution is A Big Winner. Kudos for working with the Bitnami group to get Zurmo integrated therein as a module. It is very much appreciated!