Thank You Open Source Evangelists

Open Source is about a community of people working together who share a common ethos. Occasionally, certain people in the community demonstrate remarkable enthusiasm for the project. We like to call these people Evangelists.

Below is a list (in no particular order) of folks we’d like to highlight in appreciation for their recent efforts to help make Zurmo great. This list is by no means static – we add to it whenever someone has gone above and beyond to help the Zurmo Project. If you consider yourself a Zurmo Evangelist and would like to be recognized accordingly, or if there is anyone you’d like to nominate, let us know.

Justin Feguson

Elisha Chirchir

Jamie Smith

Mario Garcia

Gjero Krsteski

Rodrigo Pinto

Shunmugha Sundaram

Sean Zheng

Ana Segota

Alex Hughes

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