How many records can I import at a time?

It is recommended that you import no more than 100,000 records into Zurmo at one time. You will most likely be restricted by the system based on the size of the CSV attachment used for import. You can read more about how to increase the attachment upload size in Zurmo here.

To import records into a certain module do the following: Go in Administration then choose Import.

1.- Select the module you would like to import to (e.g. Contacts) then click on Upload file.

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 12:13:32

2.- Select the CSV file to upload then click on Select permissions

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 13:08:07

3.- Choose who can read and write then click on Map fields

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 12:32:35

4.- Depending on which module you have chosen to import, you will need to Map required fields, then click on Analyze data.

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 10:54:11

If your CSV file doesn’t contain required field , you will have to create it by clicking on button Add Field and choose default value.

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 13:18:25

5.-  If  the analyze shows that all mapped fields are ok click on Import Data to complete import.

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 11:07:31

6.- Imported data will be listed in the summary

Screenshot from 2017-04-27 11:12:25




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  • Glennyang

    i am having problems importing record, how does the import works. is there a manual>??? i have a csv file and get RedBean Exception SQL. can someone make a youtube video

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Are you doing the import through the Admin user interface? Can you post any errors you are getting? How big is the CSV file?

      • wmike1503

        In addition to a few other problems (using 2.5.3) I have got a trial account to work through Zurmo.

        I have exported my contacts, accounts and users from my, already installed Zurmo site. Unfortunately, trying to import Zurmo’s exported cvs into the demo site also fails – only 1 of 3 users imported. In the contacts, my csv has a company field (populated) – importing into the trial contacts – mapping does not have a company field. Renders it rather useless. I am only importing 20 or so contacts – imagine if it was a thousand.

        • Ray Stoeckicht

          Company field on Contacts is really Accounts. You need to import Accounts first and then import Contacts with the related Account ID for each Contact. Perhaps you can join our Zurmo Town Hall demo sessions today. We have them every Thursday at 12:00CT:

          I want to see what you are doing that is causing the import issues.

          • wmike1503

            Hi Ray,

            This might be user error then.

            I have a number of contacts not associated with an account who on their contact page have a company.

            I thought accounts were for those companies actually live i.e. doing business with. Are you saying that each contact should already have an account setup for them? If so, that would seem to be replicating data, When I enter a contact record, I am required to enter their company, addresses etc.

            I am, clearly, not understanding the correct usage of Zurmo.

            Alternatively, can I just import the contact data as is, then assign companies to the contacts?



          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Hi Mike,
            Zurmo uses the same relational mapping that all major CRMs use such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc. Contacts are connected to Accounts. You don’t have to associate a Contact to an Account. A Contact could be rogue, but if you want a Contact to have a ‘company field’, then you need to fill in the Account field. Try it out in your demo. Create a Contact with the Account field empty. It will work.

            You don’t have to require an Account to be a company you are doing business with. An Account could be a vendor, partner, etc. An Account is a business entity (non-human) that you want to capture in the system. Accounts usually have Contacts and you relate Opportunities to them.

            Now if you want to use Leads, then that is different when it comes to data mapping. A Lead is an unqualified human. You can have ‘Company Name’ without creating an Account. Upon qualification, a Lead gets converted to a Contact and Account (the data in Company Name field creates the Account)

            This video walks through the entire flow and process from Lead to Contact/Account/Opportunity: You could also join our Live Demo in a few hours.

          • wmike1503

            Hi Ray,

            Thanks for that.

            One last point, I’m trying to do a fresh install – all files uploaded to subdirectory on my site – I get a blank screen when going to …./app/index.php – no errors, nothing.



          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Not sure why you are having those problems. I replied to your forums post.

          • Steve

            HOW do you import contacts to Zurmo?

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Just use the Import Tool in the Administration area.

          • Eric

            The Import Tool isn’t working for me. Keeps giving me errors with no specific instructions on what needs to be fixed. Is there a step by step walk thru available?

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Can you replicate the import issue on the Live Demo?

            You can also request a trial and try it there:
            Maybe there is something wrong with your local installation.

          • Eric

            Well, I finally figured out the issue. The error I was getting was that all fields need to have a status, but all visible fields were showing. What wasn’t showing were a couple of Required fields which weren’t listed in the CSV file I was importing. Once I added those fields (Source, Owner, etc) and filled in a status it worked.

            Two requests for updates: 1) Auto populate mapped settings. i.e. Last Name field should auto choose Last Name of the CSV file. Then all I have to do is verify instead of manually selecting each and every field.
            2) Automatically show ALL Required fields whether or not they are listed in the CSV file being uploaded.


          • Eric

            Ok, so now I’ve decided to update the rest of my CSV files with the appropriate required fields. Upon next upload, I make sure all fields have a value. Goto Mapping –> all leads are being skipped REASON: Column 1 (Source) is required. But I have a value in Source. So I go back and enter in a default value. ReMap and it’s still telling me column one is required even though after analyzing, the field displays a value under the Source column.

          • Scott Daris

            @Eric. Hello. Did you ever find a solution to this? Also, if you would be so kind as to paste the text for the required fields for correct mapping, it would be greatly appreciated. I bet many others would benefit from this as well. Thanks :)


            Hello please tell me you found the solution of the white screen of death, because I seem to be getting the same white screen with no error when accessing zurmo after installation, I have installed ansible on Ubuntu 14.04 and I am using ansible to configure the server. If you Require more specifics, feel free ask

          • Mike Wright

            I stopped using it – it was flakey imo – I couldn’t use it on a local server to fully test it. The imports and backup features are very poor. The only way to get it to work live was to manually put all entries back in place – not on. Pity, because it is a nice looking crm. Also it would appear impossible to update the software from the user interface.

  • Mprice

    Is there a mapping function for existing csv files?

    • Ivica Nedeljkovic

      Yes, you can import CSV files from other CRM systems. During import you can map fields from CSV file into model’s fields(or even add new fields to existing models, via designer tool)

  • Rene Villegas

    I have trouble with Owner field in Contact table. The Import tool always says “Contact – Owner – Lastname can’t be null” I’ve tryed with the id of the owner, with name and lastname, but it doesn’t work!

    Some idea?

    • Rene Villegas

      Ready, I made a mistake in the owner field, Finally I used the username ej. rvillegas for the owner field into the fields map, specifying Zurmo username as type of field.

      I hope it’s usefull!

  • wmike1503

    Now been trying to import contacts from a csv with no success – tells me I cannot map field twice. Not doing this – I have First name, Last name and full name. Insists on mapping the status – this doesn’t work either.

    The contacts are just that business contacts – not leads. Zurmo insists on assigning an account. There is no account – just company names.

    Totally stuck. A real shame. Back to Sugar then.

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      I would like to see the CSV file to determine what the issue is. If you want me to take a look, send a private message on the Forums. My username is raysto. I’m happy to take a look and figure out what the issue is.

    • Eric Handy

      Im having the same issue. I add the Status field and I get an Error “- is required”. How do you fix it if they don’t tell you what’s wrong.

      • Ray Stoeckicht

        What release of Zurmo are you using (2.5.3, etc.)? Does your CSV file have the “Status” field or are you entering it as a new field?

  • Eric

    By the way, this is not a tutorial. This should be in an FAQ as many of the topics under Tutorial should be. Would love to have an actual walk-thru on Importing and a Troubleshooting chart to figure out why I can’t get passed Field Mapping.

  • oldrose

    Imports with large numbers (>30) of custom fields is not reliable. An import of 100 customers with no custom fields in the import works quickly. Adding the custom fields will cause the import to fail after 30 or so records.

    Our only solution was to use the api and create a custom loader

    • Krishna Mohan B V


      I have like 2 Million records to be imported and I am sure the only way to go about is by using an API. However, I see that there is no much info available on creating leads through API. Can you explain about the custom loader a bit?