How to create a Dependent Pick List

A Dependent Pick List is simply a way to connect Pick Lists together with value dependencies. Lets take an example of Car Make and Car Model.

In order to create Pick lists, go to Admin–>Designer. Then choose a Module Name, select Fields–>Field type–>Pick list.

First, you would create a Pick List with values for Car Make, which are comprised of the following values: Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan:

Car Make Pick List

Second, you would create a Pick List with values for Car Model, which are comprised of the following values: Accord, Camry, Mustang, Altima:

Car Model Pick List

Third, you would create a Dependent Pick List that connects the Make and Model.
Honda–> Accord
Toyota–> Camry
Ford–> Mustang
Nissan–> Altima

Cars Dependent Pick List

Once you have created Dependent Pick list:

- Click on Layouts –>Detail and Edit View –>Configure

- On that page you will be able to drag and drop your newly created Dependent Pick list into the Layout

After adding the Dependent Pick List field into the layout, when you are in a record, you would see the appropriate values for Car Make and Car Model:


Do you have more than one value per dependent drop down? No problem. In our car example, more than one car model per car make can be created. Just be sure to map each model appropriately when you are setting up the drop down dependency:

multiple models

Here is how that will look in the edit view:

multiple models detail1



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  • Wade Cordts

    This is not working for me. I have this set up identical to the way you decribe here. However, all options are visible, at all times from the 2nd pick list. It is not filtering them.

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    Nice article….