How to insert an image into an email template

Insert the text you would like to appear before the image:

1Toggle to HTML view:


Use standard HTML image insert code (including source and alternate text):


Find the online image you would like to include in your email template and copy its URL:


Insert the image URL ad the alternative text (this is the text that is displayed when the image cannot be shown and is used by browsers to describe images to people who are visually impaired:


Toggle back to the non-HTML view. And see your image appear in your email!


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  • Hakimi Rahim

    Hi, is there any way to include the image from Attachments to the email template?

  • Garima Sharma

    Is there any want to add css in email template?

    • Vivek Sharma

      hmm.. garima.. you can add css in email templates with inline css..

  • Robert Walters

    I found the best way is to encode the image directly using:

  • S JAIN

    Thanks for sharing, I am very glad to get this right solution for my problem.

  • Java training

    Nice article…
    Thanks for sharing.It is very useful.