Reports Overview

Reports allow you to back up and export all of your work in Zurmo. The module can be found in the left hand panel and offers a choice of 3 customizable easy-to-create-and-export reports.

Rows and Columns report type is simple displaying data in a row and column format and doesn’t have an option to display data through a chart. With this report type there is no option to show grouped results.

Summation report type shows data grouped by chosen criteria. For example if you want to see Min. and Max. amount for each opportunity you can create an opportunity amount summation report and group the results by the Name field.

Matrix report type is a progressive grid like report type. You can use this type of report if you want to create aggregate summaries for clustered data. When you  create Matrix report, you need to set 2 groupings. One to group along the X-axis and another to group along the Y-axis.


For simple display of data the best is to use Rows and Columns report. If you have  more complex list of data, choose Summation report, where, with the help of various charts, you will have better transparency. For the ultimate data report, Matrix report type is the best choice since it can aggregate summaries for grouped data.

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