What is an Opportunity?

From a CRM perspective, an Opportunity is a potential source of revenue. Whenever you see a potential customer for your product/service you would want to follow up on it. That’s where CRM comes in. Let’s see with the help of a real life example about what an Opportunity is and how to create/handle it in Zurmo.

Jim is a freelance lawyer working in San Jose, California. He recently met his friend Sam who works in a software product development company. During the meeting, Jim came to know that Sam’s company is about to sue a consultancy firm they had outsourced some of their work to. Having worked with Sam’s company earlier, Jim instantly knew this was a good Opportunity! So, instead of wasting any time further, he logged into his Zurmo account right then from his hand held device, created an Opportunity, and a related Task to schedule a Meeting with the concerned person. Let’s see how he did it.

  1. Click on the  icon on the left menu bar to go to the Opportunity page.
  2. Then click on the  button on the top menu.
  3. In the page that follows, fill in the details of the Opportunity. Note that mandatory fields are marked with *. Accounts are not mandatory to be linked with Opportunities, but it would be a good idea to link them.
  4. After the Opportunity is created, you can add Notes, Tasks, Contacts, and Meetings to the Opportunity to help you facilitate the follow up and track the progress through various stages until it moves to the “Closed Won” or “Closed Lost” stage.

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  • http://twitter.com/asiansaga Mul yono

    is there some way to separate opportunities by time in dashboard portlets?
    i mean, to see whats the chart look like for Q1, Q2, or current year or last year


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Stoeckicht/100001473956853 Ray Stoeckicht

      You can run a report that separates opportunities into time periods (Q1, Q2, etc.) and show a chart. In a future release, we will expose reports to dashboard portlets. We do not have this capability at this moment.

  • Marek

    Dears – is/would it be possible to link all communication related to opportunity so it is seen when you view it – like e-mails, calls, tasks – now it is at contact and this is not very easy to read the thread. thanks!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Stoeckicht/100001473956853 Ray Stoeckicht

      When you are in Opportunities, you will see the Latest Activities portlet. Just click “Roll Up – On” and you will see all the emails, calls, tasks, etc. associated with the Opportunity, Account, and Contacts.

  • clive

    I require a sales CRM. The comment below comes from a conversation with my business partner who is a software developer who has suggested we consider Zurmo

    “I feel the most logical method of working is to define the products that we are selling in the CRM, then have the ability of sales people to create a lead/opportunity which includes the client info and the product and its value and anticipated sale date. Once its a deal its converted from a lead/opportunity to a client/account and can then be managed. Throughout the process sales people should be able to send template sales emails that are already written to introduce themselves and the product and then send quotes.

    Question: Will Zurmo allow us to operate in the manner detailed above and if so would this be in the open source CRM or one of the chargeable products.

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      I just replied to your email. Short answer: yes.

      • Tsendsuren Sukhbaatar

        I have the same requirements like clive wrote above. Could you send me your solution please!

      • AK Acredge

        Hi Ray, How does one link Products to Leads?

        • Ray Stoeckicht

          You can’t associate Products to Leads. You must convert Leads to Contacts and associate Products to Contacts.

          • kat

            Given Ray’s instructions, my “common sense” add-on to what he said is that out in the field as a salesperson or customer service representative, one doesn’t necessarily know what product (of the several that you offer) the lead will buy until the deal is done (thus converting the lead to a Contact). Certainly there are specific products you are presenting to the lead in real life that you want to document. But in the software, that can be done in “notes” for the lead. A good salesperson knows that it’s never too late to upsell a customer, and never too late for a customer to upsell or downsell himself. That is why this Product-to-lead link doesn’t exist.

      • Gaurang

        Hey Ray, I im looking for the same solution as clive, how do i achieve that?

  • clive

    Thanks Ray, so is this all possible with the open source CRM and simply requires customising to work for us?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      I would use the word ‘configuration’ instead of ‘customization’ since
      you do not need code level customization (i don’t think). We provide
      configuration support and hosting on the commercial editions. If you
      want to use the Community Edition, that is fine. We do not provide any
      support on that version. You also will not receive email integrations
      (Outlook, Exchange, Gmail) or any of the upcoming features (see items
      with asterisk *) http://zurmo.org/roadmap

      • Luiz Eduardo Monteiro

        Hi Ray, are any of those commercial features things that could be created as additional extension by a third part development team? Or not? For exemple,
        Google Web Tracking Integration*
        Lead Queues*
        Would be nice to turn this features into commercial extensions not related to Zurmo Support service? Think about it and what you said about a partial open source software. After all, software is software, support service is another thing, where you said you may intend to be paid for. :)

        • Luiz Eduardo Monteiro

          You would probably receive a lot of money by selling “advanced features” like additional extensions to the main software, instead of segregating them into a one optional monthly/per user paid version. ;)

          • http://www.ilovepassion.net kat

            the monthly is an elegant solution. Who wants to manage 100 products (extensions or features)? Either you’re “in” or you’re not… yet.

  • Salbiah Awang

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  • http://www.amerax.net Amer Atiyah

    Is there any way to send an archive an email to an opportunity in the standard version of Zurmo? Another questions is: is there any way to convert an account, contact, or lead to an opportunity?

  • ines

    hello! i’ve a doubt:
    - Because an opportunity is a “potential” source of revenue, is it possible to connect it to a lead – i.e. a “potential” client – instead of an account?
    - (not considering partners and other accounts) A client/account is someone who already had paid for a service Or this negotiation already turns a lead to a client, even if in the end he doesnt buy nothing?