Workflow Overview

The workflow capability in Zurmo  allows for the automation of common work tasks like assigning leads and sending alerts. When converting a single lead into a deal, factors like what actions need to be taken and when play a big role in closing.

Workflow configuration is located in the Administration area under ‘Workflows’.


There are two types of workflow you can create: On-Save and Time Based.

On-Save Workflow

The on-save workflow takes action when a record is saved and meets the specified criteria.

Example: When a new lead is created and saved, a workflow rule may assign that lead to the assigned resource. Joe Sales rep covers Texas. When new leads with State = Texas, the system assigns that lead to Joe and notifies him that he has a new lead for follow-up.

Time-Based Workflow

Time based workflow act like record watchers. This workflow type takes action after a period of time elapses.

Example: Based on business rules, sales management may want system enforced, lead follow-up response times after 24 hours. Our rule may be, if Lead Status = New for > 24h then, remind the sales rep and his manager. If Lead Status = New for > 48h, then reassign the lead to his manager (or other resource). Joe, who just got a new system assigned lead in Texas, is required to follow up with that lead within 24 hours.


Time-based workflow produce alerts and/or actions when specific conditions are met upon save and the specified amount of time has passed.

On-save workflow produce alerts and/or actions when specified conditions are met at the time the record is saved.




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