Zurmo is a gamified application, which means it uses game mechanics to reward an individual’s usage of the system and promote best practice behaviour.  The goal of a gamification within Zurmo is to address one of the greatest challenges of all business systems, user adoption.

Long-term benefits of documenting interaction with customers are clear; however crm systems traditionally provide few or no short term incentives for performing the menial tasks of recording our activities.  Zurmo rewards users for all actions in the system, allocating the user XP points which accumulate over time.

Additional XP points are allocated for favourable events such as closing a sales opportunity, which promote business best practices.

Zurmo users proven game mechanics such as Points and Levelling, Badges and Leaderboards to provide short term reward for otherwise undesirable tasks and motivate users through friendly competition and personal achievement.

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  • Beat Schaffner

    Is it possible to turn gamification off in Zurmo (as a general setting valid for all users)?

  • Ray Stoeckicht

    Go to Administration-> Global Configuration-> un-check ‘Enable game notification popup’