Installation Requirements

This wiki contains the software and hardware requirements needed to install Zurmo.

Individuals trying to setup a Zurmo equipped machine for Production or Development.

Step by Step Instructions

If you would like follow a step by step dependency installation guide you may do so by going to either of the following:



  • RAM: 256(Minimum), >= 512M (Recommended)
  • Disk: >= 500M


  • Apache >= 2.2.1 Or IIS >= 5.0.0 (Zurmo should work on other webservers, IE cherokee, as we have not used any webserver specific modules. Be aware though, we have not tested Zurmo extensively on other webservers)
    • Apache mod_deflate (Optional, recommended for good traffic deployments)
  • Memcached (Optional, recommended for good traffic deployments)
  • MySQL Server >= 5.1
    • Either root access credentials shall be known or a new database and user credential pair should be created for zurmo
    • Settings:
      • character-set-server=utf8
      • collation-server=utf8_unicode_ci (Not utf8_general_ci)
      • default-storage-engine=INNODB
      • max_sp_recursion_depth=20 (Recommend value: 100)
      • max_allowed_packet = 20M (Optional)
      • thread_stack = 512K
      • optimizer-search-depth = 0
      • log_bin = 0 (this is the default setting, in most cases you will not need to modify it)
      • Database should not be running in strict mode
  • PHP >= 5.3.3
    • Settings
      • date.timezone must be set
      • memory_limit >= 128M (Minimum), >=256M (Recommended)
      • file_uploads should be on
      • upload_max_filesize >= 20M (Optional. You can adjust this to higher value depending on your needs)
      • post_max_size >= 20M (Optional. You can adjust this to higher value depending on your needs)
      • max_execution_time >= 300
      • set_include_path should be enabled
      • $_SERVER should be accessible
    • Extensions
      • pcre
      • spl
      • ctype
      • apc >= 1.0.0 (Optional, recommended for good traffic deployments)
      • soap
      • curl >= 6.0
      • mbstring
      • memcache >= 2.2.0 (php5-memcache, not php5-memcached)
      • imap (Optional)
      • pdo
      • pdo_mysql
      • zip (Optional)
      • gd (Optional)
  • Paths
    • The following paths should be writable by the webserver process:
      • app/protected/config/debug.php (may not exist)
      • app/version.php
      • app/protected/config/perInstance.php
      • app/assets/
      • app/protected/data/
      • app/protected/runtime/


The requirements below are inclusive of the ones described above in the Production section. So to set up a development machine, first comply with the Production requirements and then follow this section to apply amendments/additions.


  • phpunit 3.6.x or 3.7.x
  • Selenium Server >= 2.25
  • Mercurial Client
  • Putty and related tools (only if you would like to use a commandline mercurial client on windows)
  • app/protected/config/perInstanceTest.php should be writable (may not exist)
  • 3 Database user credential pairs:
    • zurmo (Live data, served on frontend)
    • zurmo_test (Used for tests)
    • zurmo_temp (Temporary Database for few unit tests)

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  • Gildx

    Why is cURL an requirement to install Zurmo on Linux-Apache-Php Server? Does it center from Yii or and Zurmo requirement?

  • vaijanath

    Hello. I’m trying to install zurmo crm on my ubantu 12.04. I have gone through all the installation process and i opened zurmo in my browser through “localhost/zurmo/app/index.php” and i got message “curl is not installed”, then i installed curl and click on continue and i filled the database password na dsuper user password. But, when i click on install, m getting the error:

    Error code: 2002
    Message: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)

    near database username which is “zurmo” which is created according to installation requirements. Could somebody please help me to install it?

  • Subin Babu

    Can I install zurmo on Win7/Win8??

    • Amigo Chan

      Many options:

      1. Run ZurmoCRM in VirtualBox
      2. Download WAMP compatible solution or Microsoft WebMatrix.

  • Miguel Prados

    Hi, I have installed Apache 2.2.26 and on Zurmo’s installation I’ve got the following message:¿May you please help?, thanks
    Failed Required ServicesZurmo runs only on Apache 2.2.1 and higher or Microsoft-IIS 5.0.0 or higher web servers.

  • Bogdan Skaba

    It doesn`t run under Win7 ? Stable Version downloadet and unzip . Following file opened under MS Explorer . .. Zurmo/app/index.php . I can see only empty page – Please help

    • Jan Kubenka

      I have the same problem (I am trying to install it on regular web server, no Wamp or something like this). Anyone willing to help?

  • Jake

    Hi! Endless pagination not working on linux server, on any browsers (EndlessListLinkPager.php). It works fine first time, then if you click again system shows first 10 results On windows works good. Tryed to set permissions on folder, clear cache, assets, edit EndlessListLinkPager.php, but no results. I use bitnami zurmo, lot of codes modifed, so i can update. Help me please

  • Nikesh Shakya

    copy(/var/www/html/crm/app/protected/config/debug.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied
    The reference id for this error is 7753993610424517a918b63980601f7b.
    Hi I am getting above error I dont have debug.php on the config folder I have only debugDIST.php on config folder. remaned debugDIST.php to debug.php changed permission of debug.php to 777 that did not worked as well.

    Posted same on forum havent got reply yet.

    Can you help me please.

  • r109

    I get this error when I install :(

    Apache version 2.2.29
    PHP version 5.4.36
    MySQL version 5.5.40-cll

    SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1558 Column count of mysql.proc is wrong. Expected 20, found 16. Created with MySQL 50096, now running 50540. Please use mysql_upgrade to fix this error.
    The reference id for this error is 0864baa645cd4fe69bf31b1218eb49c2.

  • http://www.luandaeventos/ LuandaEventos

    Will check it out to see how it works

  • Hossam Youssef

    Hi Team,
    I think Mcrypt extension is missing from the install requirements, right?

  • Neal Han

    After many times trying, I failed to install Zurmo on my Win7+WAMP environment.
    1. The first problem is that APC couldn’t be installed and started in PHP.
    2. After chose ignore this problem, I could go to the next step, but, 5 errors occurred when config database.
    3. I modified my.ini as required, and still the errors exist. the asked config are as following:
    max_allowed_packet = 32M
    thread_stack = 512K
    optimizer-search-depth = 0
    log_bin = 0

    But it seems they are not working. Anyone had the same problem? And what could be the solution?


    wish this runs on Ruby on Rails :(

  • Sergey Davydov

    After welcome page:
    An error has occurred. Please click here to continue to the home page. If the error persists please contact your administrator.
    Undefined offset: 2
    The reference id for this error is 811073d6389f469292b380c2ad186426.

  • B. Phil

    I wish one of these open source CRMs would use PostgreSQL. My company wants to run a pre-built CRM like Zurmo alongside a custom ERP that uses PostgreSQL, and running two databases is an inefficient situation.

  • Supriya Maji

    Hello. I’m trying to install zurmo crm on my ubantu 16.04. I have gone through all the installation process and i opened zurmo in my browser but there is an error .reference id for this error is 90682e25b1f14a259adce360d4011991 .and after that my instance is not connecting in putty.what is the solution?

  • Chris Cresson

    I just finished installing Zurmo 3.2.5 on Ubuntu 18.04 and PHP7.2 and I had to tweak a few file for the installation to complete and thought it could be useful to share:

    In app/protected/core/dataproviders/RedBeanModelDataProvider.php getSort() declaration doesn’t match the parent declaration

    - public function getSort()
    + public function getSort($className='CSort')

    In app/protected/core/utils/StringUtil.php, create_function() is deprecated, rewrote camelize() and uncamelize function like this:

    public static function uncamelize($string )
    $string[0] = strtolower($string[0]);
    $uncamelizeFunction = function($c) { return "_" . strtolower($c[1]); };
    return preg_replace_callback( '/([A-Z])/', $uncamelizeFunction, $string);

    public static function camelize($string, $capitaliseFirstCharacter = false, $delimiter = '_')
    if ($capitaliseFirstCharacter)
    $string[0] = strtoupper($string[0]);
    $camelizeFunction = function($character) {return strtoupper($character[1]);};
    return preg_replace_callback('/' . preg_quote($delimiter) . '([a-z])/', $camelizeFunction, $string);

    In app/protected/core/utils/ZurmoPasswordSecurityUtil.php, generating the password salt fails as microtime contains a space (see:

    - $passwordSalt = substr(md5(microtime() * mt_rand()), 0, 15);
    + $passwordSalt = substr(md5(str_replace(' ', '', microtime()) * mt_rand()), 0, 15);

    In app/protected/modules/autoresponders/utils/AutoresponderAndCampaignItemsEmailMessageUtil.php, I rewrote the quoteValues() function to no longer use the deprecated create_function():

    protected static function quoteValues(array & $values)
    array_walk($values, function(&$value) {
    if (isset($value))
    $value = "'$value'";
    // a custom flag we use to mark null values.
    $value = "'' . static::NULL_FLAG . ''";

    Finally a few changes in app/protected/modules/install/utils/InstallUtil.php:

    // in setZurmoTokenAndWriteToPerInstanceFile()
    - $zurmoToken = substr(md5(microtime() * mt_rand()), 0, 15);
    + $zurmoToken = substr(md5(str_replace(' ', '', microtime()) * mt_rand()), 0, 15);

    // Commented out those lines in runInstallation:
    /*$messageStreamer->add(Zurmo::t('InstallModule', 'Total autobuild time: {formattedTime} seconds.',
    array('{formattedTime}' => number_format(($endTime - $startTime), 3))));

    • Med Tahar Snoussi

      Thanks Chris will test it :)

    • Adriano Moreira

      With me it worked. Thank you.

    • anuradha kapoor

      Thank you s much for your post…

  • ബിനി വൈ. പി

    BUG – Row and column report and matrix reports are not working. Please help me to resolve this issue.