Installing dependencies on Windows

This wiki provides you step by step instructions on setting up dependencies on a Windows machine.

Individuals trying to install Zurmo on a windows machine.


There are 2 variants possible when deploying Zurmo on a Windows machine. You can either choose to run Zurmo on Apache or IIS, both run equally well while our recommended way of deployment is Apache.


  • If you would like to deploy Zurmo on Apache you can make it using XAMPP which is a bundle containing Apache, PHP, MySQL and few other nice tools
  • Download and run the following installer.
  • Follow XAMPP installation instructions and install it in C:\xampp (default)


  • Install and Enable IIS
  • Download PHP (VC9 version) and install it in C:\Program Files\PHP. It is recommended to download Zip version and extract it.
  • Download and install MySQL
  • The actual configuration for using PHP and MySQL under IIS is outside the scope of this wiki guide.

PHP Extensions and Configuration

  • Edit php.ini(C:\xampp\php\php.ini for xampp install)
    • Change the following lines to specified settings:
      • date.timezone = America/Chicago
      • memory_limit = 256M
      • file_uploads = On
      • upload_max_filesize = 20M
      • post_max_size = 20M
      • max_execution_time = 300
      • extension=php_curl.dll
      • extension=php_gd2.dll
      • extension=php_soap.dll
      • extension.php_pdo_mysql.dll
      • extension=php_mysql.dll
      • extension=php_mysqli.dll
      • extension=php_mbstring.dll
      • extension=php_gd2.dll
      • extension=php_imap.dll
    • Add the following line at the end:

      • Download and save in PHP’s ext directory(C:\xampp\php\ext\ for xampp)
  • Restart webserver for changes to take effect



  • Edit my.ini (C:\xampp\mysql\bin\ for xampp ) and follow MySQL Configuration Wiki
  • Restart mysql for the my.ini changes to take effect.

Database and User

Install Memcache

Path Setup

  • Ensure that php, pear and mysql’s bin directories are added to windows path.
    • For xampp these directories are located at:
      • C:\xampp\php\
      • C:\xampp\php\PEAR\
      • C:\xampp\mysql\bin\


Instructions in this section are inclusive of Production. To setup a development machine you would have to follow the instructions above and then make any amendment/additions as described below.


Database and User

You would need to create 2 more pairs of user and database for development setup.

Commandline tools

  • Download the windows installer from: and install it
  • Start PuttyGen (from Start/Applications/Putty menu)
  • Generate ssh2-rsa key
  • When key is being generated, add your email address to Key Comment field. This should be the email address that you used for bitbucket account.
  • Save public key as
  • Login to bitbucket, go to Account, copy and paste the key into list of your keys
  • Save private key as id_rsa.ppk, under C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\.ssh. You might need to create this directory


  • Download and install TortoiseHg
  • Create file C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\mercurial.ini, and add following code:
    			username = you_bitbucket_username_here <>
    			ssh="C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe" -ssh -i "C:\Documents and  Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\.ssh\id_rsa.ppk"

    Ensure that paths to plink and id_rsa.ppk are correct.


  • If PEAR’s path haven’t been added to windows Path Information change directory to PEAR (C:\xampp\php for xampp)
  • Follow PHPUnit Installation Wiki
  • Restart your computer.

Selenium Server

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  • Charles Neslon

    Thanks for the help guys! This makes installingwindows seem a lot clearer and tangible.

  • saintdavid

    on the PHP Extensions and Configuration section do I need to delete all the other extension=php files and leave the ones listed or can I just leave all fhe extensions as all of the extensions accept the last one is already included in my version of apache (xampp) for windows

  • Andreas

    I’m trying to download tha php APC extention but the link gets me to a 404 not found page. Where can i get the extention dll?

  • Agustin Garcia

    Hello, I’m trying to configure Zurmo on Windows 64bit & PHP7.0 x32 (Thread Safe) with no success because I haven’t been able to configure APC nor MEMCACHED. I tried several .dlls from different places and no success, the link to “” is not working. Any idea on where to get the right versions or how to enable APCu (wich is working allright) in Zurmo install script?

  • Sylvester S

    Hi guys, When I try to install, it shows soap not installed.