Installing Selenium Server

To guide individuals through the Selenium Server Installation for Zurmo Development setup.

Anyone who wants to equip his machine with Zurmo.


  • Download and install Java for your platform
  • Download selenium server’s latest version from
  • Place the downloaded .jar file to a folder of your choice, commonly C:\selenium
  • Create a batch file to run the server and add file to start up
  • To run server use java –jar selenium-server-standalone-2.25.0.jar

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  • Jaime Garay

    How do you create the batch file?

  • Vinicius Costa

    to create the batch file:
    1) open notepad or any text-editor of your choice;
    2) write the following in the file (supposing the .jar file is in C:selenium folder):
    cd C:selenium
    java -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.12.0.jar
    3) save the file as (for example): selenium.bat
    4) drag the file selenium.bat to startup
    5) now any time you need to launch the server just click selenium.bat in the startup menu!