Installing Zurmo

To guide individuals through the Zurmo installation.

Anyone who wants to equip his machine with Zurmo.


Please go through Zurmo Installation Requirements page to setup prerequisites for your machine.


  • Download the latest stable version of Zurmo here
  • Unzip downloaded file into document root of your webserver(actual location may vary depending on your platform)
  • Check with the Installation Requirements page to setup proper write permissions on specific files and directories. This is mandatory
  • In a browser to go http://localhost/zurmo/app/index.php to run the installation
  • Click continue to run a system check
  • Check and fix any issues found by the system check, if necessary rerun tests
  • On next screen you would be prompted to provide Zurmo Install Wizard with your preferred settings
  • You may see memcache configuration on setup form. This is purely optional, though highly recommended for good traffic sites
  • Fill the setup form with database credentials and password for superadmin for Zurmo(you can change this later).
  • Click on install to install the application
  • Once installation is complete you are given the option of installing demo data. For Production it is advised to not install demo data.
  • At the end of the installation you will have a log in link to be able to go to the log in screen


  • Clone the zurmo source code in the document root of your webserver(actual location depends on your platform).
  • Follow the install guide for Production setup above

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  • PatrizioRullo

    I’m trying to install Zurmo on my Ubuntu 12.04, and it tells me it’s missing the IMAP module (on Ubuntu it’s a package named php5-imap). Can you add this info? Thanks!

    • Ivica Nedeljkovic

      IMAP is optional service, that is why it is not listed under required items.

      • Andrew

        Yeah, but I think that this information should be present at chapters 1,2.

        • Ivica Nedeljkovic

          php-imap is added as optional requirement. Thanks!

  • PatrizioRullo

    I think it’s better to add information about installing php5-curl, needed to call curl.
    I installed curl and the Zurmo installation was saying that it was missing, without help of people from forum, it would take me quite a long time to figure it out.

    • Ivica Nedeljkovic

      I edited article, and added php5-curl as required php library.

  • Cool Lkdop

    once installed on Ubuntu 12.04, I am prompted the login/password. what are they ? I am testing super/super & jim/jim & zurmo/zurmo… not working :(

    Also, when I check Database in phpmmyadmin, there are only table under the ‘zurmo’ database, nothing under ”zurmo_wacky’, is this normal ?

    Thank you for your help

    • Cool Lkdop

      It’s ok, it’s the one set during installation process…

    • Ivica Nedeljkovic

      Login username is ‘super’ and password ins one that you entered during installation(field: “Super User Password “).
      “‘zurmo_wacky” database is used just for unit tests, so after installation this database will be empty. But there will be some tables in this database during unit tests.

  • David Saldana

    I downloaded the 1.5 version, unzip the folder and then try to run as it said above but it does not work, it tells me document not found. what I am doing wrong?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Do you have the proper server environment? You can post any error messages and screenshots here:

      • David Saldana

        The server was running version 1.31 so I guess it does had the right server environment. I don’t have any critical data so I wanted to do a fresh install instead of an upgrade

        • Ray Stoeckicht

          We have Developer Sessions every Tuesday at 10:00AM Chicago Time:
          You can always join an upcoming session and ask any questions to our technical team.

          • David Saldana

            thanks, I got it working. I change permissions to the folder and it is now installed

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Fantastic! Glad to hear everything is working now.

  • Kevin

    Getting the following error:

    Warning: include(SecurableModule.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/*****/public_html/crm/zurmo/yii/framework/YiiBase.php on line 421

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘SecurableModule.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/home/*****/public_html/crm/zurmo/app/protected/modules/api/tests/unit/forms:/home/*****/public_html/crm/zurmo/app/protected/modules/api/tests/unit/models:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/*****/public_html/crm/zurmo/yii/framework/YiiBase.php on line 421

    Fatal error: Class ‘SecurableModule’ not found in /home/*****/public_html/crm/zurmo/app/protected/modules/zurmo/ZurmoModule.php on line 38

    • Jason Green

      What OS/php/apache versions are you running? did you try restarting memcache and apache? are you running APC, turn off APC and see if it is ok.

      • Kevin

        Hello Jason, I have the following CentOs 5.9 i686 – Apache/2.2.24 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.24 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/5.3.24 mod_perl/2.0.6 Perl/v5.8.8 I tried restarting the memcache and Apache with no success.

        • Jason Green

          A few other people have had this problem recently, but we can’t seem to replicate it and are not having any problems with our build environments for our servers. it would be great if you could install xdebug on php, and then get us a stack trace of what is going on. this would help immensely.

          • Kevin

            Thank you, I will do so this weekend. Looking forward to using Zurmo…

          • Jason Green

            ok looking forward to seeing the stack trace

          • Kevin


          • Guest


          • Kevin


          • Kevin


          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Kevin, we have Developer Sessions every Tuesday at 10:00AM Chicago Time ( You can always join an upcoming session so we can go over the issues and help you get them resolved.

          • Kevin H.

            Hello, Sorry I missed the developper session… Was this issue discussed by any chance?

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            No worries. We didn’t discuss any install issues. Maybe you can make next week’s session.

          • Mark P Daoust

            I’m having the same issues – exact same stack trace. Any ideas?

            I’m installing on Mac OS 10.8 running PHP 5.3

          • Ray Stoeckicht
          • r109

            Any Luck Kev? I am trying to do this on a similar setup on CentOS

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            Come join the Developer Session and we will help. We have sessions every Tuesday at 10:00AM Chicago Time:

          • Kevin

            This is the php info of my server, memcache section… People say it’s the memcache but I got the error messages with memcache/memcached installed and not installed.

          • Brisvegan
          • Brisvegan

            Fixed … was permissions issue.

          • r109

            Where you using CentOS? What did you do to fix this?

    • Tareq


      I don’t know if this problem still happen, but in case, if any one face this problem, it seems to be permission problem.

      Try to give permissions (for example 777 for all directories as testing only) and see if this will help or not. That I did when I face this problem ;)

      Brisvegan said it is permission problem too.

      • Ray Stoeckicht

        This looks like the same issue and lists the fix:

        • Arfur Folkesayke

          dunno, I had this issue and the I RTFM and found that it’s human stupidity issue. If you read manual, you’ll find that:

          The following paths should be writable by the webserver process:

          Voila, problem solved.

          • exius

            That solved it!!!

  • Damien Wilson


    Did we find a solution for:

    PHP Fatal error: Class ‘SecurableModule’ not found in /var/www/zurmo/app/protected/modules/zurmo/ZurmoModule.php on line 38?

    • Jason Green

      It is a permissions issue with apache. You need to change permissions and then restart apache.

      • Damien Wilson

        Hi Jason, Thanks.

        I’ve changed permissions to 0777 on all directories and files and still have the issue.

        A restart shouldn’t be needed for permission changes. I wonder if the developers of this product have a list of probable causes? Now that would be helpful ;)

        • Ray Stoeckicht
          • Damien Wilson

            I’ve fixed it Jason…. I’m running Ubuntu 12.04.

            My issue was that I ran ‘wget’ on the zip file instead of the tar ball. The difference between them being that .zip doesn’t retain permissions and .tar.gz does.

            My advice: if installing on a Linux box download and unpack the *.tar.gz to the required destination and run:

            chown -R www-data zurmo/*
            chgrp -R www-data zurmo/*

            … and all should be ok… once your server meets requirements ;)

          • Imran Yousuf

            I ran into this problem when installing for the first time also, and based on the fix by Damien, I also found that I had a similar root cause. I had downloaded the tarball using wget, and then used tar -gzxf to extract and unzip it. That resulted in permission problems, producing the SecurableModule error message. I decided to start fresh, copied the tar.gz file to /var/www/html and used gunzip and tar -xvf as separate commands, and that was all that was needed. It launched properly after that!

          • roderickm

            This should be added to the installation instructions. It was necessary for my installation as well.

  • Amarnath Gupta

    Hi, i have given all required permissions to all the folders.

    When I am opening zurmo/app/index.php, it redirects to zurmo/app/index.php/install/default, but after that I get error “No input file specified.”

    Any help please….

    • gisse

      Did you ever get a reply? I have the same issue.

    • Martin

      Did you check your apache error logs, perhaps it will tell you the the file and line that threw the error?

  • maddtechwf

    Awesome app!

  • vaijanath

    I’m trying to install zurmo on ubantu 12.04. I have already LAMP installed. And i downloaded the latest released zurmo and gone through all the installation process but when try “http://localhost/zurmo/app/index.php” in a browser it shows error: “server error”. Please help me. Installing zurmo is very hard, please make it easy..

  • Shah Khalid

    I am getting this error, [an error occurred while processing this directive] on bluehost

  • David Esrati

    Did an install from softaculous. Seem to have a problem with setting up cron jobs:

    Warning: require_once(//protected/config/debugDIST.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/USERNAME/public_html/crm/app/protected/commands/bootstrap.php on line 58
    Anyone else having these problems?

  • Divya Mishra

    Hi, zurmo is not getting installed on my system, its throwing unknown error. how can we get zurmo database manually and run it without installation

  • Vijay


    I have zurmo source from Now i am using linux 12.10 version i did’t have phpmyadmin password. But in basic installation of zurmo need db password .Please give me some suggestion for without password to install this into localhost.

  • Gustavormello

    Is it possible to install an older version of zurmo? I want to move a copy of zurmo I have hosted on the web to a local installation but it is version 1.5.12 . I guess just backing up the database and importing it in a fresh newer version wouldn’t work, right?

  • Sv9t

    hi! I installed zurmo hosting. But I do not know the username and password to login. Where to find the default username and password, so that I could log in to the administrative panel zurmo?

    • wtoalabi

      Check out the password you set for the superadmin when creating the database.
      Creepy I know…but I just figured it out too!

    • Jean-Bruno

      thats the default super admin login.

  • Shams Tabrej

    I have installed Zurmo on localhost/Wamp, but i am not able to login. I have not get the user/password form during installation.

    • wtoalabi

      Check my comment above…

    • Jean-Bruno

      try with the login “super”

  • Jan Atsma

    It s not quite out of the box is it…. can anyone shed light on this riddle??


    Undefined offset: 2
    The reference id for this error is 665c0ce263624e89bb70bbab766ec6e1.

  • Manikandan TV

    I am trying to install zurmo on windows 8.1.
    It stucks in http://localhost/zurmo/app/index.php/install/default/settings.
    Please help.



    did anyone find the solution to the question asked by Amarnath Gupta?


    Hello all

    I am installing zurmo with ansible, all looks to be good but, When I am opening zurmo/app/index.php, it redirects to
    zurmo/app/index.php/install/default, but after that I get error “No
    input file specified.”

    Please help


      ok just to answer my question to help others in the future, it turns out that my problem was solved..! the white screen of death is a php issue not a zurmo issue for me. reloaded my machine, installed zurmo then modified my php.ini then restarted apache2 and it worked.

  • Jhoedram

    Genial Project!

  • Nishant Arora

    Guys I am new to PHP but I have developed web applications in JAVA. Is there any perfect development environment for PHP?
    I mean the IDE, so that i can run, debug and deploy my code on the go! Only using Ctrl+s in my IDE and then refresh the web page!

  • OliverTabuger

    Will zurmo ever be installable without having to figure out the apache, mysql, and php stuff? I can’t figure it out, so I can’t use it. I just want to keep a database on my compuer of contact info and I like zurmo’s setup better than some other similar programs.

  • Ryan G

    Apache version installed: 4.0.10

    Minimum version required: 2.2.1
    But it fails the system requirement.
    Funny right?

  • Pierre Filiatreault

    I installed Zurmo on a LAMP droplet at digital ocean, everything seems fine except I can’t activate another language. Found nothing in the forums.

  • logixca

    Just doesn’t work, waste of my time…

    WordPress installs like a charm but Zurmo, nothing works.

  • consumatore distratto

    Hi, here my specs: MacPro (2008) Yosemite 10.10.5, MAMP 4.2.1 (added memcached module) with MySQL 5.6.35 (port 3306), Apache (port 80), PHP 7.1.8 (APC enabled). During installation of “zurmo-stable-″, got the error “A non well formed numeric value encountered” (see image). Any help, please? Thank you in advance! Andrea

    • Adriano Moreira

      Hi, did you solve this problem ??

      • consumatore distratto

        Hi, unfortunately not. Switched to another webapp. (I’ll try again if I’ll have time during the next days; but my specs will not be the same).

        • Adriano Moreira


    • Anderson Fontana

      For the error: “A non well formed numeric value encountered…”

      If you run: “cat /var/www/html/zurmocrm/app/protected/runtime/application.log“, you will see something like that:

      2019/04/04 18:39:50 [error] A non well formed numeric value encountered (/var/www/html/zurmocrm/app/protected/modules/install/utils/InstallUtil.php:889)

      2019/04/04 19:18:42 [error] A non well formed numeric value encountered (/var/www/html/zurmocrm/app/protected/core/utils/ZurmoPasswordSecurityUtil.php:89)

      Go to each one of those files and change from “microtime()” to “microtime(TRUE)”
      This TRUE parameter is to return the value as a float.


  • SergAxt

    Installation of Zurmo is stopped on a “Writing Configuration File….”
    What have I done wrong?

  • Philipp Aeberli Hello,
    I am getting the following error during installation (freeBsD, PHP 7.2.6, MYSQL 5.7).
    Not sure what to check. Thank you for your help.

    • Med Tahar Snoussi

      hello same problem here you can check log in zurmo/app/protected/runtime/application.log