RedBeanPHP is an easy to use open source object relational mapping (ORM) software. Created by Gabor de Mooij in the Netherlands, it is licensed under GPL and New BSD.

RedBeanPHP is used as the database abstraction layer for Zurmo.

Learn more about RedBeanPHP here:

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  • Bharat

    Is there any specific reason why Zurmo doesnt use YII framework’s implementation of ORM model using ActiveRecord.

    Also for enterprise solution using Zurmo why MYSQL Stored Procedures/Routines are not considered in the design

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      We chose RedBeanPHP because we felt it was a better solution for our ORM needs. It has 2 modes, frozen and unfrozen which allow easy development without having to worry about the schema. Also, we have added an auto-build functionality for the database schema so that you don’t have to worry about how the schema is constructed. We also like how it keeps the beans decoupled from the models in the application.

      In terms of Redbean, we used it for a number of specific reasons. This might explain it better:

    • Ivica Nedeljkovic

      We ar e using stored procedures, check

      However problem with stored procedures is that we need to rewrite them for every database system, right now Zurmo supports only MySql databases,but in future we plan to add support for other DBs.