REST API Specification – Leads

Only difference between Contact and Lead models are state field, which determine if model is contact or lead.

Leads API calls are very similar to contacts API calls, except that in API urls you need to change contacts into leads, for example, contact API call:


for leads will look like:


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  • Laur

    For creating a lead the “leads/lead/api/create” is not working … since the path for contacts is “contacts/contact/api/create/”…

    So what is the proper path for the leads api to create a new lead ?

  • Dario Ferreira

    I’d like to know the answer also

    I tried:

    None worked

    • Ruslan Murarov

      This is work with me

  • Dario Ferreira

    Figured it out. To enter a contact as a lead:

    Use /contacts/contact/api/create/

    Change “state” to 1, 2, 3, or 4
    I used “1″ (New)

    If you use 5 or 6, it becomes a “contact” automatically

    I guess Zurmo could have been more clear about this.

    • Ivica

      Correct, but it is also possible to create lead using leads/contact/api/create