Zurmo Platform

Don’t start from scratch. Start from Zurmo.

Zurmo is the next generation Open Source CRM application that is really Open Source and really robust. Zurmo is not limited to traditional CRM use cases. It can also serve as a platform from which to build powerful PHP web applications that can handle big data. At its core, Zurmo offers a solid foundation on both the back end and front end.


Kiss goodbye the bugs. Say hello to unit tests. Zurmo is built using TDD (Test Driven Development). You can create and maintain a custom-built CRM system with the assurance that future updates are not going to break your installation.

Back End: Highly Disciplined Software Engineering

- Open Source allows for deep, code level customizations.
- Test Driven Development engineering ensures a stable backbone that eliminates bugs and maintains code integrity.

TDD Screenshot

Front End: Killer User Experience

- The Zurmo UI is famously respected as minimalist  and intuitive.
- Game mechanics built into the core code motivate and recognize users, encouraging user adoption.

Statistics and Achievments

Customizations: Build your verticalized CRM on top of Zurmo:

Custom Modules

Brand It Yourself: Match your organization’s branding


Are you working on a database project that needs a rock solid foundation? Are you a visionary ready to build your dream app? Let’s chat to see how Zurmo can help you get there.

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