The Zurmo Experience: Part One

As we further develop Zurmo beyond 1.0, the user experience continues to take center stage in our planning. Powerful new features and functionality currently under development include Reporting, Workflow, an Email Marketing Engine, and a lot more. As we add these new spokes to the Zurmo wheel, we want to be certain the experience remains intuitive and clean. More stuff does not necessarily need to equate to more complexity. 

First impressions mean everything. Especially when it comes to Customer Relationship Management solutions. If it’s ugly, clunky, if there too much going on… forget it. No one is going to use it. Everyone loves elegance and simplicity. But how do you accomplish this with CRM?

Why not have a single use-case system that covers just one thing? Sure, but you will be using ten different tools to accomplish what should be done in a single CRM system. As a front-office software that runs your business, CRM is complex with many moving parts.

What sets Zurmo apart and what will continue to be our core passion, is making something complex feel ‘Simple’. We get a lot of feedback of how simple Zurmo is to use and how other CRM systems are bloated and clunky. We love this type of feedback, because even though Zurmo is simple to use, it is a very complex application behind the curtain.

As you can see from our roadmap, we have some large pieces of functionality planned for 2013. The on-going challenge will always be keeping Zurmo ‘simple’ as we make it naturally more complex. We have some secret sauce that allows to do what we believe is ground-breaking in enterprise applications. Stay tuned for the future.

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  • John Maselli

    I really like Zurmo for it’s seemingly simple interface, however I am getting kickback from the exec’s who think that you may not have the final functionality that they require. I am assuring them that the roadmap you have laid out has the features we need. Unfortunately I can not find anything on the forums that gives me some guidance as to where you are with these upgrades? The latest release for February I still do not see available it would be nice to at least get some sort of ongoing feedback from developers on a high level to comfort the naysayers that i have to deal with in order to keep Zurmo in the picture.

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Hi John,
      We are moving as fast as we can on the Development Roadmap:
      What features do your exec’s need?

      We have Developer Sessions every Tuesday at 10:00AM Chicago Time ( You can always join an upcoming session and ask any questions to our technical team including when certain features will be available.