Zurmo is an open source project under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). Learn more about the Zurmo License.

  Stable Nightly
Latest Release 3.2.7
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Source Code zurmo-stable-3.2.7.c53e0c6df135.tar.gz

Commercial Editions

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Installation Wiki Guide

Follow the Installing Zurmo wiki for a step by step instruction manual  on how to deploy Zurmo on your machine.

Installation Requirements

For a list of the dependencies required for deploying Zurmo check out Installation Requirements.

Source Control Access

You can obtain the latest development version of Zurmo from our Mercurial repository. We recommend that you install a Mercurial client on your machine for better access. TortoiseHG is a highly recommended client on Windows.

The source code repository can be accessed anonymously using the following command,

$ hg clone

WARNING: Use this code at your own risk. Unreleased source code in the repository may contain incomplete API definitions and known bugs. This code is subject to change without notice.